Sunday, June 19, 2005

June 2005

I'm really liking my "home" now. My mommy has been busy working since she got me but I love my pet sitter. She takes me on walks and throws the tennis ball to me. And when no one is in the house I have my 3 kitties to follow. Whenever they move I follow. I love them. I have 3 kitties: Kodak is a Russian Blue and he's 9 years old. he doesn't really pay attention to me. it's no fun because he wont paly with me. Then there is 3 Perf he's 7 years old and he sleeps on all the chairs that are high in the air. But my favorite cat is Winton-he's 8 years old and he loves me! He plays with me and pretends to hit my face over and over's fun! I love to chase him! He runs and then he turns and batts at my face!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Beavertail Attack June 2005

Mommy and I went for a trail run at Ocean Trails in Palos Verdes/San Pedro. I love it there because I can chase bunnies. Well I was chasing a few bunnies in this one area and I chased it right into an area that had beavertail cactus. My mommy said I hopped like a bunny right onto the beavertail cactus and that I cried.... I know I cried when i went to the vet because my paw was hurting and I had a sticker still in it. The vet asked my mommy to come back into the "vet only area" because she couldn't do anything to me because I was trying to bite her. i love my mommy!