Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Big Sur Camping trip July 2006

4th of July weekend-another camping trip. This time my mommy took me to Big Sur. I've never been this far away from Los Angeles. We stayed in a very quiet campsite with really big trees. There were alot of bugs there too! My mommy found a tick on me when we got home-she wasn't very happy. But while we were there we went to a dog friendly beach. I got to play with my ball! But it was so windy! The sand was blowing upp into my eyes because it was so windy-but I didn't care I still ran after my ball! When we got home mommy and her boyfriend cooked out and I got some scraps of yummy food. Then it got really dark and I wanted to go to sleep. I sat in my mommy's chair before going into the tent. The next morning, mommy and I went on a hike and saw a beautiful view of the Big Sur coastline! We stayed for a couple of days then drove back to Los Angeles. I like these trips with mommy!