Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Cross Country Journey

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Day #1
Well today I was put into the car with mommy's suitcase and my crate and we started driving..... We drove from Nashville to Memphis, Tennessee-crossing over the Tennessee River. It must have been really cold outside because there was steam coming off the river! When we drove into Memphis, I got to see the sights. Mommy took me to Beale Street, the Lorraine Motel-where Martin Luther King was assassinated, and to the Mississippi River where I saw river boats that people get to eat and drink on! After seeing the sights of Memphis-I got back into the car and we drove across this big bridge-she took a picture of The State of Arkansas sign-it would have been hard for me to get in front of that sign since it's in the middle of the Mississippi River and a picture of the Mississippi River sign

Day #2
We woke up very early this morning. I don't think mommy could sleep. It was 6am and dark and VERY COLD in Oklahoma City. The nice lady at the Motel 6 desk said the cold front came in. I didn't really feel the cold but I think mom did especially when we went out to play with the tennis ball-she had to put on her big jacket! We left Motel 6 and started driving but first we had to get breakfast. I got 2 sausage patties! I ate them in the backseat-they were yummy!

We drove thru Oklahoma and got to Texas. I got my picture taken in front of the Welcome to Texas sign and then mommy took me to see COWS! The cows ran away from me! I don't know why? I looked at them but they were on the other side of a fence-but they were looking at me. We didn't stay long because it was cold-so mommy and I got back in the car and turned up the heat! But did you know that the Oklahoma Welcome center on I-40, heading east, is building a dog park! WOW! A welcome center that likes dogs and makes an area that we can play in! Texas didn't have a Welcome Center that had a dog park! And we weren't in Texas stop

New Mexico. It has gotten colder-well i don't feel it as much as mommy! We only stopped on Route 66 in Tucamcari, NM. Mommy was hungry so we got to drive on the historic had snowed alot in New Mexico because there was alot of snow still on the ground. There were alot of old motels and stores along route 66.

I've slept alot since being in the car! I slept thru most of new mexico amd then we drove into Arizona-it was dark when we got into Arizona and I had had enough of driving! I wanted out of the car. Mommy kept saying we'd be out very soon. And she was right. We've stopped for the night in Winslow, Arizona. I'm in the hotel and I have my harness off and I'm relaxing! Mommy gave me some food-I ate just a bit of it. I'm not a big fan of eating when I'm someplace that's not my house! Mom seems to be tired- I think she's ready for bed!

Happy New Year from Arizona! Mom says tomorrow is our last day in the car! I sure do hope so! I love being with mom but I'm tired of being in the car for 12 hours a day and only being able to get out to pee and poop. I want to play with my jolly ball and herd sheep!

Day #3
I think we're on the LAST day of this car trip!I've never been in the car for so long-but I'm with mom so that's all that matters to me! I woke up when mom woke up this morning. And the first thing I got to do was go outside and play with my ball. But it was VERY COLD! Mom couldn't stay out long-mommy said it was about 19 degrees-is that cold? Mom sure acted like it was cold! This hotel was pretty nice in Winslow, Arizona. Once again we stayed at a pet friendly hotel! I like pet friendly hotels! It was the Comfort Inn on I-40 in Winslow. The room had a big window that I could look out! SO I looked out when mom opened the curtains in the morning! We toured Winslow-it's a Route 66 town like some of the others I got to visit! When we got back on 1-40 we headed towards Flagstaff. Mom said Flagstaff looked nice! We stopped at a rest stop and i got to stand in snow for the very first time! It was cold and kinda wet and i didn't really how to walk on it. It was funny! And my mom enjoyed watching me on snow for the first time! Flagstaff was very nice-I think Flagstaff would be a fun place for dogs! Maybe mom will take me back-but when it's warmer and that cold, white wet stuff isn't on the ground! I think we are finally in California! I know because mom opened the windows more and it was warmer! And it smells familiar! I know California! And when we drove up to my house! I was so excited! I was home, out of this car and I get to see my cats! I've missed my house and my cats but at least i was with my mom!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Richland Creek Greenway for a run

Around 4pm today mommy started getting her running gear on-I knew we were going for a run! We went to a new place called Richland Creek Greenway. Mommy said it was new! I guess that's why she went! The path started off besides the train tracks-I wanted to see a train but one didn't come by! Then we saw a golf course! And ran besides the golf course for about 3 miles. I saw lots of dogs, Romeo the Great Dane and a Border Collie who tried to herd me...she didn't know that I heard sheep too!!! And I'm not a sheep! We ran about 4 miles-I had a great time with my mom!

We got back home and I was tired...I jumped into the chair to rest! They brought the vacuum cleaner out-I bit it!! I love biting the vacuum cleaner! Then mommy started to get ready to go out-they all left me! Mommy left me! She had been packing the car and I thought she was leaving me forever!!! But she came back! Yippee! And then Banner , my big boy Lab cousin, came over to play...but I wasn't in the mood to play-I was cranky because mommy had been moving her suitcase outside! Please don't leave me mommy!

It's Saturday.....

We woke up early today. And I got to go out and play with my tennis ball-but when I raced out onto the deck I didn't realize it was icy and slid. There was a layer of very thin ice on the deck-I've never seen was weird! I slid and couldn't get my footing.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Almost Night Night Time

I'm getting tired-I know it's almost time to go into bed with mommy! When will she be finished watching this movie so we can go to bed! I'm tired! I played with my jolly ball today and went running with mommy! I'm a sleepy Velcro!

It stopped raining so we got a run in tonight

Mommy took me on a run around the neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee tonight. It stopped raining so we didn't get wet! I ran into lots of dogs and got to smell all kinds of things! We ran past the old firehouse on Hillsboro Road-it's being renovated so there wasn't a doggie in the firehouse I could say hello to. We did see a Border Collie outside the grocery store, Harris Teeter. He was waiting for his daddy I guess because he was sitting with his mommy. I wonder if he's lucky enough to herd sheep like me!!!??? Now I'm stretched out on the floor next to mom who is at the computer.

Elmington Park to play with my Jolly Ball

I woke up this morning to thunder and lightning! It's raining here but it didn't stop mommy from taking me to the park to play with my Jolly Ball. She had taken me out to the backyard but it was getting too muddy! So we went to Elmington park with my Jolly ball. I had fun even when it started raining SO HARD! I got really wet but mommy let me play until i was panting and licking my Jolly Ball-that usually means I've worked enough and am ready to go home and take a nap! Which I did in my mommy's lap! Also-the mean cat, Hamish, isn't hissing and growling at me as much. We can actually be in the same room and he doesn't bother me!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Banner came over to play

Banner came over tonight! We played in the yard! He was being silly-rolling in a plastic pool. All i wanted to do was play with my Jolly Ball or with banner-we played for a bit then Banner found the toast I hid in the yard. I got angry when he found it and nipped his ear. he was stealing my food that I had hidden! So when he wasn't looking-he was in the plastic pool rolling around, I moved the other piece of toast that I had hidden! Ha-I'll show him!

I was so sleepy yesterday!

Mommy went out yesterday and left me. I wandered around for about 20 minutes looking out the window for her but when she didn't come back I went into the bedroom and fell asleep on mommy's bed for about 2 hours! Then mom came home. I walked out when I saw her! And did a BIG stretch-the 5 mile hike had worn me out! The humans stayed up late last nite-I wanted to go to bed....around 10:30pm I was pacing hoping to tell mommy I wanted to go to bed! Mommy let me sleep in her lap until they finished watching a movie and then she told me we were going to go outside and then go night night! I was SO EXCITED! All i wanted to do was go to bed but I couldn't leave moms side!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Velcro does Nashville Day 2

Mommy took me in the car this morning to a place called Shelby Bottoms-she's calling it Soggy Bottoms. And guess who was there-my big boy lab cousin Banner. We walked about 5-6 miles and Banner and I played and ran on the trails! He jumped in the creek-I went in but immediately got out. the water was kinda cold. At the end of the walk, Banner jumped in the lake-I looked at him like he was crazy! There was no way I was going in there! We had fun. I like Banner.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Velcro does Nashville Day 1

I'm the queen of all I survey. This is my parthenon!

On the steps of the Nashville

Mommy and I on the steps of the Parthenon!

Here i am hiding from the "mean cat"...he was trying to attack me-so i saw an opportunity to be close to mom and hide.

Here i am with mommy coming back from our first one mile loop around centennial park.

This duck/goose kept coming closer to me. I wasn't sure what to do-it attacked my nose so i ran off and we continued our 2.5 mile run!

Here we are coming to the end of our run in Centennial Park. Run run run-I saw lots of dogs on my run!

Here I am posing for my picture with froggie. I'm beautiful!

I'm sitting in my mommy's lap because the mean cat was growling at me

The MEAN cat, Hamish-he is a rescue from the streets of Hermosa Beach living in Nashville now

My christmas present, a jolly ball!! I love my jolly ball! And then I got to go outside and play with my jolly ball.

So far my first day in Nasville has been fun. I'm lying in my moms lap right now...the mean cat is downstairs somewhere....I smell yummy food cooking-I hope i get some. I think I get to see Banner, the lab tonight! yippee another dog friend!

Merry Christmas from Nashville

Merry Christmas. i woke up this morning and mommy took me outside-the ground was cold and I didn't like it initially on my feet...but mommy had a ball and I forgot about the cold frost on my paws. They have a yard here that's all mine! I can play all the time if I want!!! I had breakfast after I played-I didn't eat much..I'll eat more later. then i got a treat. mommy took me out in the car for a ride-I looked out the window but I didn't see many people at all..and BRRRRR it's colder here than my house! I think it's a special day because grandpa gave me a couple of pieces of sausage-it was yummy! I'm lying on the floor next to my mom. That mean cat just came down from upstairs- I just jumped into my mommy's lap! He scares me.

We're in a new cold place called Nashville

Mommy and I went to the airport yesterday-normally I go with her in the car to pick people up but this time we were dropped off-with my big crate. I got to go inside the terminal. Mommy and I got out of the car and Joseph took care of us-loading my crate and mommy's bag onto the big cart! And then we walked in. Joseph took us to the 1st class check-in and we went right to the front of the line. Mommy filled out paperwork and gave them my health certificate and my letter of acclimation for travel. I was being very good! I just sat there and didn't bark at all. The lovely lady who checked us in told mommy that she didn't have to put me in the crate right away-so we went and sat for about an hour and I got to play with my froggie-I killed the squeaker while at the airport-and I had a chicken strip. After about an hour we walked to the center section of the AA terminal and that's when my crate went into a room and then it was brought out with a TSA man. Mommy took my harness off and put my work collar on and said I love you and I went into my crate with a kong. And then the skycap zip-tied me into my cage. I looked at mommy-she was crying and saying I love. And then the skycap pushed my crate to the elevator-I didn't like him pushing the crate but I didn't bark or growl. And then mommy was out of sight. It was 11:15am. The next time mommy saw me was when i was being loaded onto the plane. She said she saw my crate from the waiting area...I was the last one to be loaded onto the plane. The baggage handlers changed the bag ramp when I was loaded. I was pacing in my crate as they loaded me. All of a sudden I'm in this place I've never been-I think it's a plane.During this plane ride I just knew mommy was above me I just new it. I don't think mommy had a good flight-she didn't sleep or eat much all day. At around 7pm central time, 5pm in california, the plane landed-it was kinda bumpy and then we stopped and it was quiet again. the door opened and new baggage handlers were unloading all the bags but not me.....I was last to be taken off. The nice baggage handler brought me on a truck and then took me to a door-I saw my mommy! He told mommy that I had a nice red heeler-I think all mommy cared about was getting me out of the crate. And grandpa and nanny were there too! My mommy didn't leave me!!! I was so excited to see her. I didn't eat my kong while I was in my crate! No way! As soon as mommy let me out I wanted to race outside...the humans loaded up the crate and the bags and we drove to the nearest grassy spot and mommy and I went out-I pee'd and pooped and felt like a new girl. I jumped back in the car and we drove to a new house with new smells and new cats and Griffin. i got to see griffin again! One of the cats, Hamish-attacked me. he stalked me and attacked me. All I wanted to do was play with him like I play with Winton-but he didn't wanted to play he wanted to kill me. So he was put upstairs because mommy was concerned that the ACD in me might come out. I slept with my mommy-I'm so glad my mommy didn't leave me.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Big Day

I'm eating my breakfast early today and it's still dark. Usually this is what happens when mommy goes to work-I wonder if she's going to work.....I'm going to eat all my food though and maybe she'll take me out to play with my ball-she's already mentioned going to the park! Yippee the park!

Note from Velcro's mom: Velcro's fine I'm the one who is feeling sick-we leave for the airport at 9am....I have loads of treats in hand and have put pictures of me up in her crate. Yeah I'm a dork!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A 3.2 mile run tonight...

I'm going to sleep like a little cattle dog puppy tonight! Mom and I just got back from a 3.2 mile run-I think my moms foot is feeling better because I didn't sniff as many things as I normally do! We ran and ran and ran. I saw 3 dogs on my run. Two labs in their yard-they always bark and growl at me as I run by so I bark and growl back! Then there was some white dog out with his mommy and daddy-I didn't get to talk to him because we were running. Now we're back-my harness is off and I'm rolling on the bed-oh it feels good!! I did get to roll in the grass just a bit tonight.

Sheep Sheep Sheep

I got to herd sheep today! We just got back and I'm SO tired!!! We didn't start in the big open field today-we were in the fenced in field-so the sheep couldn't run away from me! I did my awee's and go-bye's like mom asked-of course she points her stick at my back end so I kinda know which direction to go....I know she wants me to learn it on my own without her pointing-I will on my own sweet time!

Thank you for visiting Velcro's blog!

A note from Velcro's mom: I just wanted to thank all the people that visit my site! Thanks! This is a labor of love for my dog-I saved her life and she in turn saved my life about 3 months ago when a relationship went very bad! I hope you enjoy Velcro's many journeys-she is truly an amazing girl!

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

I'm feeling sick

A note from Velcro's mom: I woke up this morning feeling so itt. Tomorrow is the big day! The day I put my baby on the plane for the first time and I'm feeling so sick about it! Will she be ok?!! I think she'll be fine once I'm out of sight. I plan on taking her to the park tomorrow before we leave and letting her play with her jolly ball-should exhaust her. My hope is that she sleeps and doesn't cry or bark the entire time-or growl at the baggage handlers. I put her in last nite and she growled. Then I decided to move the crate around like it will be when they pick her up-she got a little spooked. But then she was quiet! It's making me feel SICK! I hate this. I had wanted to drive cross country! No I'm wishing I had a trailer or RV so I could drive all over with my babies! Sick sick sick I'm feeling-it's horrible!

I'm going to the park to play with my Jolly ball

Mom's taking me to the park to play with my jolly ball. i love to play with it! I get SO tired!! And it's such a nice day. I'm sitting looking out the window wishing mom would get off that thing that sits on her desk. I'm usually right underneath the desk-but not today! I want to go play!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going to a peaceful protest today against puppy mills

I think we're going to be heading out soon-I have a tennis ball in my mouth waiting patiently for my mommy to take me out so she can throw me the tennis ball! Hurry up mom!

But she mentioned something about driving up to Beverly Hills today because starting at 12 noon there is a peaceful protest outside a puppy store called Posh Puppy. It's being staged by Best friends, Humane Association Last Chance Animals and some others to protest the puppy mill problem. I think there are going to be some famous people there-maybe they'll bring there dogs too...and we can all cruise along Wilshire in BH. I hope mommy takes a picture of me! Maybe we'll even get on the news because it's supposed to be a very busy shopping day today!

Here are pics from the protest-it was a great turnout and the shop closed due to the protest! It was an awesome experience. And Velcro was a hit with her t-shirt that said: I'm a shelter dog, stop puppy mills."

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mommy came back....and

I went to Friendship park with my friend grace who's a greyhound. We didn't play togather-I herded my jolly ball around and grace chased a ball-but we had fun together! When we got home, I had water and then mommy put me in my crate-she gave me water and yummy chicken strips....and then she was gone. I don't know where she went. But when she finally came home I had been in the crate for 4 hours and 20 minutes and I had been slepping. I was very happy to see mommy! I got out of the crate and stretched!!! It felt good. then we went out and got to play with my Tennis Ball-you see and older dog can learn new tricks. I guess mine is learning how to be in a crate!

Check out Buster the ACD on Petfinder-He needs a new home!

From Velcro's mom: So i was looking on the internet for Pet Guardian information and stumbled upon ARF-which is Tony LaRussa's Animal rescue Foundation. A what popped up in the adopt me picture was a cattle dog. Well I had to click on it. And what a cutie! He's a 10 month old red heeler named Buster. Oh my god! He's beautiful! Please check him out at the link below:

Doesn't he look almost like Velcro-except he doesn't have an eye patch....he's so cute. Velcro would not allow me to have another dog just yet. I must wait until she gets a bit older.

Travelling with an animal...

Note from Velcro's mom: Well, I've spent years flying with my cats in the cabin but this trip to Tennessee will be the first time Velcro has travelled in a plane and the first time I've travelled with a pet in baggage. Well, I called American Airlines today to tell them I was bringing a pet with me-and it's a good thing I called! The reservation agent made a notation on the reservation and the flight that there will be a pet in baggage and that there is a "No Dry Ice" restriction now on the flight. No one ever said I should call and double check about dry ice and my pet! Why is this not mentioned? Well I'm mentioning it. Call ahead-good thing I'm a neurotic pet owner-and let the airline know that you'll be travelling with a pet as checked baggage so that the cargo people don't put dry ice with your pet!

We ran in the rain last night

We got back from the Tall Ships and she got on the computer-she started crying-I don't know why. Maybe it was about that dog Lucy up in Northern California. I know she had been talking to people all day and sending out emails. Well mommy finally got off the computer around 6pm and she said-"wanna go for a run?" and as soon as my harness was on I knew we were going out again! She put on her shoes-yes we were running! Yippee! But I didn't realize it was raining! I don't like the rain-it gets me wet! It didn't stop my mom-she even had someone tell her 'that's alot of dedication" and she said it was all for me! She must love me! We ran far tonight, moms foot must be feeling better! I got to sniff lots of things too-she always stops and lets me sniff. Then we're off and running. We ran past my friend Dakota's house-she an australian shepherd-she wasn't outside tonight. She usually goes in when it gets dark because she had complaints filed against her for barking-her mommy and daddy won! Whee...we're home-we saw alot of dogs out as soon as it stopped raining. I'm soaked -mom says I smell like wet dog...wait I am a wet dog!!!! 3.5 miles tonight! Then after drying me off and playing with me I went into my kennel-thank goodness it was only for an hour.Why does she keep doing this?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Velcro visits the Tall Ships in Long Beach, California

The Malaysian Naval Tall Ship arrived in Long Beach yesterday and I bet I'm the only dog to have my picture taken in front of it! The ships were huge! There were men climbing all over it and I got to watch them and play with my leash!

Lucy lost the fight

Lucy and her family lost the fight today. Absolutely breaks my heart!

Please Light a Candle for Lucy!

Rest in Peace Lucy!


There is a dog in Sunnyvale, California that is scheduled to die today, thursday the 20th! A mass email went out on monday asking for 10,000 signatures to an online petition-over 12,000 people signed it but it didn't help! They have scheduled to put Lucy down tonight-and it's basically because she is a pit bull. Breed prejudice shouldn't be allowed. I'm not a pit bull owner but I have known many pit bulls-they are wonderful dogs! Please check out the website and read the information for yourself!!!

Lets save Lucy's Life!!!

Herding on sunday before going to Tennessee

I'm going herding on sunday. I have the last training session-maybe it's because I didn't want to train last sunday....well I'm last!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Jolly Ball at the park

Jolly Ball....Jolly Ball....Jolly Ball-as you can see I am an amazing Jolly ball athlete. I love my jolly ball.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An addition from velcro's mom....

My cattle dog is the most sensitive ACD i have ever seen or met. She hates anyone doing anything to her! I'm the only one that can do anything. It sometimes makes the vet a very difficult place to go. I hate hearing her cry but I know that she's not being hurt-especially when her temperature is being taken! It makes me think about becoming a vet tech just to take care of my cattle dog! I know she's a bit of a princess-but it's what makes her the most amazing dog I've ever had! She's my life!

And....she spent 3 hours in her crate today! I gave her a kong and some cookies-which she proceeded to hide in her crate...but then as the hours dragged on I heard her rummaging around for her hidden cookies. It's all looking good for our trip on the airplane!!! We have 6 days to go until she takes her first flight. And I'm scared to death!!!! I think she'll be fine once I'm out of her site and she's barked the necessary times.....but still. She's my girl!

Mommy took me to the vet!

Mommy took me to the vet yesterday. She said something about needing a health certificate to go on a in we went. I was hiding under the seats beofre they called my name. When we went in...the vet tech came in and said something to mommy. I was on the floor and they both came down and mommy held my head and the vet tech went to grab my tail-well I yelped and cried! I didn't want anyone bu my mommy touching my tail.... so he left. Ha I showed him!

The vet came in a little bit later-I was hiding under the seat...he called my name and my mommy called my name and I came out. mommy picked me up and put me on the table-she was saying how I was a good girl and that she loved me.....the vet had a thermometer in his mommy said that they had to take my temperature for the health certificate and also because she didn't think I had been feeling well the past few days.

Well the vet went to insert the thermometer and as soon as I felt it I cried, yelped and nearly jumped off the table.

He said that they needed to take a temp and told my mommy that he'd take me into the back. thats' when mommy said to take a blood as well in case I was sick since I was back there. So they put me on the table and put a muzzle on my nose...I didn't like that and started crying-where was my mommy! I wish she was here. I know she was close! She wouldn't leave me!!! Well they took my temp and blood-I howled and cried so loud! And then it was finished....and I was on the ground-that's when i heard my mommy calling my name and I RAN AS FAST AS I COULD into the room! I was safe with my mommy!!!

My temperature was fine-at least that's what my mommy says and she'll get my blood work back thursday....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Herding and Crate training....

Mommy took me herding today-but I wasn't good....I didn't want to work or I didn't feel well-mommy doesn't know what was wrong with me. She was pushing me out when she sent me on my outrun that I headed for the car...also mommy forgot my "work collar" and the sheep were racing wasn't a good herding day for my mommy. SHe had to pick me up and carry me to the sheep because I kept racing to the car and to sit in someones mommy called me a "little princess." But I finally got to chase my sheep and mommy seemed happy at the end....I barked at my sheep afterwards!!

After herding, mommy took me to centinela to buy yummy food for me to eat!!! And she bought me treats! Then I got a taste of her fish and chips that she bought.

When we got home, mommy fed those silly cats and gave me a piece of fish then she took Kodak out of the crate and put me in....I was in for 2 hours today-I hardly barked! And I ended up lying down and sleeping....mommy put a sheet over the sides of the crate so I couldn't see out and she left the was very quiet...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I think I'm going herding tomorrow....

I think I heard my mommy talking about my sheep!!! I think I get to see my sheep tomorrow. I'm so excited!!!

I'm in this crate again!

Why is mommy doing this....why am I in this crate. The cats were sleeping in it quite peacefully and then she took them out and put me in....I've barked a couple of times but not as many as yesterday! Mommy put water in the little dish and a couple of dog biscuits! I've hidden them! I have one of my tennis balls in here with me as well-I want to play with it but there isn't room to chase it.

At least I went on a run with mommy today. She took me to White Point Park Nature Reserve. But I wasn't really into running today...I trailed behind mommy the entire time-she didn't even bring a ball for me to play with!!

Maybe I'll get to play with the ball when I get out of here!

Friday, December 14, 2007

A new Crate for a trip back to Tennessee

Why am I in this thing? It's got a nice comfy pad and I can see out but why am I in here? Mommy put me in here and then left the room....I whimpered once but she didn't come back so I just waited....

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Nighttime run in San Pedro

Mommy took me for a 3 mile run tonight. It was cold and windy but I had a great to sniff lots of things. On our way back home we ran past a house-it looked like there were animals right beside the porch. I stopped and went over to look at mommy started laughing-they were bushes that were shaped as animals.....they looked real to me. Now mommy is cooking dinner and I've been playing with my tennis ball. It's warm in my house-I'll sleep good tonight.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Port of LA 100th Birthday Celebration

Mommy and I went on a really long walk today down to the cruise ship promenade...I got to stand on things and mommy took my picture! I love walking down there but today there were more people than normal-there was some sort of big event because we went into an area that we've never gone before-it overlooked lots of big ships and there was music playing and fireworks going off! All i wanted to do was roll on my back and try to attack my leash! But I guess I need to say woof woof to the LA Harbor and wish them a happy 100th!

HTAD 1 at AHBA Trial in Escondido

Mommy took me herding again! We drove in the car for about 2 hours and as soon as we got off the freeway I knew where we were going and I was SO EXCITED!!!

We sat for a long time-mommy threw the tennis ball to me two times and we had gone for a run in the morning before we left so i was kinda tired-I was glad mommy had her chair because I sat in it during the day!
When We finally got in to the arena to my sheep it was getting dark and it was cold! We were competing in HTAD 1 which means Herding Trial Arena Dog in the AHBA Herding Trial in Escondido. This is the first time mommy and I will be competing on the Trial level-it's level one, the beginning level, and the main difference is we get scored on each element! I think my mommy was nervous! I wasn't!

So we went into the the take pen to get our 8 sheep. We got them out and they ran straight for the big arena-no deductions on this part!...we moved out of the take pen and into the big arena. Mommy sat me down in the middle and she went to sort the sheep-she had to sort 4 sheep-she was deducted 2 points for this, maybe it was because she had to step over a sheep-silly mommy! Then mommy walked to me and called me-I came and she sent me on the drive, which was worth 15 points. I ran towards the sheep barking-I dont think mommy was too happy with my drive-wasn't as wide a sit should have been but the sheep came to her . We had a 6 point deduction out of 15 points for the drive. The mommy walked with the sheep around the two cones and towards the Y chute. This is where mommy had to stay at the opening of the chute and command me to push the sheep into the Y chute. I followed my awees and go bys and the sheep went thru-they didn't go right away so out of 15 points we lost 4 points. Once the sheep were thru the Y chute we had to do a cross drive and move the sheep thru two gates without mommy walking thru the gates. Out of 15 points we lost 5 on this. Mommy kept giving me the commands and I thought I was doing it well....but those silly sheep! After the gate we walked around another cone and mommy and I had to hold the sheep for a beat or two-no deductions! Then we moved toward the gate to repen the sheep and I sat and mommy put the sheep away-no deductions! Then after the sheep were put away mommy called my name and said good girl! I had so much fun and i think mommy did too because she was very excited! After all the runs we found out we qualified! Yippee! One leg down and one to go! We didn't get a ribbon-it will be mailed to mommy! And she'll add it to the board of ribbons and pictures she has in the guest room....I was so tired when we left...I crawled into the back of the car and slept the entire way back home...of course I gobbled up my hamburger mommy bought me first!!