Monday, October 22, 2007

The Fires in Southern California

We live in San Pedro which is the port of Los Angeles. We are quite far away from all of the fires that are in southern california-but the smell of smoke is overwhelming here! If we are smelling it I cant imagine what it's like for the people and their animals in the fire affected areas! We know a few people who have been evacuated-our herding instructor, Terry Parrish, being one of those people. She was evacuated from the Escondido area around the San Diego Wild Animal Park around 2am. Also my mommy's friend, Lorna, who lives in Agua Dulce is safe and fine ! She loves dogs and has many and we were very worried about her! We send our prayers to everyone who has been affected by these horrible wildfires that are consuming everything in it's path! God Bless!

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