Saturday, October 27, 2007

PT Day 1 at the Antelope Valley Stockdog Trial

Today we made the 2 hour trek to Llano, CA
which is out by Palmdale. The PT, which is Pre-Trial Tested is the last run of the day so my mommy was able to watch the more experienced dogs work. Then it was our turn. My number is 213 which basically means we go last out of the group on day I sat with mommy and waited to get in to the ring with the sheep! When they called 213...I think my mommy was a little nervous but that didn't bother me! I decided today I was really going to listen to mommy unlike last weekends practice! I think my mommy was very happy! I sat when I was told, I stayed back when I was told...and after mommy penned the sheep she called me a good girl and gave me a big hug! I love my mommy!I think I heard judge Judy say that it was the "best run of the day!" And I qualified for the first leg of PT! I received a beautiful green rosette ribbon and had my picture taken with mommy and judge judy! I think we go back again tomorrow!

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