Sunday, November 25, 2007

AKC/Eukanuba National Championships in Long Beach Dec 1st and 2nd

The ACD's are coming to town! Mommy says they will be in the ring on sunday at 9am in Long Beach! I wish i could go but I cant...but I think my mommy is going to go watch the herding dogs! Check it out! Go herding dogs!

Another practice in El Monte for our HTAD 1

I got to chase sheep again today! Mommy kept saying her commands: awee, go bye and get back and I think I was listening like a very good ACD because she kept saying good girl! We stayed a little longer today, our lesson was much earlier than normal, so we watched a few other dogs out with the sheep. I was tired after my half hour of herding! I get tired since we're in the big field now! I like the big field it's fun! I love my mommy for taking me sheep herding! I think mommy said we'd go down to Escondido next week-yeah road trip. Terry has cattle at her ranch...maybe one day I'll get to see them up close and personal!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Camping at El Capitan/ Ocean Mesa

Mommy took me camping. We went to a new place for us called Ocean Mesa. It's part of El Capitan Canyon....the good part was we had the place to ourselves so i got to play with my jolly ball-I howled at it! And I had my very own chair when mommy built the fire! That was fun! She bought a steak just for me! I had half of it the first nite and then ate the rest on the way home because I don't like eating my dog food when we travel. I always cover it up with dirt-I don't think mommy thinks that's funny!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

we're going camping....

Mommy packed the car-I saw my jolly ball go in and a stove....I think she's taking me camping! Woo Hoo! Maybe she'll take pics of me playing!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Time at home with my 3 cats: Kodak, 3 Perf and Winton

I love my 3 cats-mom puts me in charge of them in the morning because she has to give 2 of them medicine. So I always go look for them. Winton is my favorite because he plays with me... we play tag! Perf doesn't really play much and Kodak never sleeps with me! He's the russian blue and he thinks he's better than me! I help mommy give him his insulin injections twice a day.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sheep Herding with 11 sheep

Mommy took me herding again today and this time I had 11 sheep. I don't think we were supposed to have that many sheep...but I controlled them all! None of them ran away and I followed all of moms commands. She says my flank is getting better but I still want to turn in at the very last minute and try to bite the heels of the sheep-but mom it's fun to chase sheep and nearly bite their heels! That's what I'm supposed to do as a cattle dog is heel! Maybe one day my mom will put me on cattle! I was really tired today-I was herding 11 sheep for 30 minutes with no water break...when I got back to the car I layed down and drank all my water....I was cute!

I think we might be going down to Escondido to practice-something about a trial on december 8th...I guess my mom wants to practice in the arena where I'll be herding the sheep!

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Visit to Hermosa Beach for a walk along the Strand

We went to Hermosa today...mommy parked the car at the southern end of the beach and we walked all the way to the beginning of Manhattan beach and back...I got to play in the little park near Pier Av and then mommy sat and had lunch...but the concrete was wet beside the restaurant and I didn't like it! I wouldn't sit down! So mommy gobbled her food and we walked back to the car-it was about a 3 mile walk today in the sun and heat! Mommy was doing work for her other blog:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally into the Big Field with 6 Sheep

I always get very excited as we are driving up the freeway to the sunday herding site.. I look out the window and I see and smell the sheep and I get excited! Then we drive in and I know I'm getting time with my sheep! Today was a big day-I was in the big field, without fencing , for the first time! We got there early so I watched a border collie working-and then it was my time. My mommy took pictures before we started and when she started talking to Terry I started barking-I was so excited to start herding my sheep! SO my mommy told me to sit and she went into the corner to get the sheep-she brought them out and told me to "awee" and I went to the left and bam the sheep scattered! So i chased one! I was quite proud of that but I don't think it's what my mom wanted me to terry's border collie went to retrieve the sheep and brought them back to the field and we started again. Terry had told my mom that we had to really work on our "gather" which means I'm sent around the sheep-as far back as possible so as not to move or spook them-to come around from the back. That's hard for cattle dogs! All I want to do is get right in there on their heels! That's what I'm supposed to do! But mommy is trying to teach me to stay back....well I think I did that today. Considering it was the first time in the big field. I was sent both "awee" and "go by" ( left and right) around the sheep and I did it fairly far back-there were one or two times that I really wanted to get in there!! I think my mommy was very happy! She gave me a big hug and kept saying "good girl!" I had so much fun today! I'm so tired! I'm sleeping now that we're home..well I chased the cats first when I got inside but now I'm sleeping! I think we're going to enter an AHBA Herding Trial on December 8th in we'll be practicing practicing practicing!

It's raining in southern california!

rain rain rain!!! My mommy is excited but I'm not...I don't like stepping into the wet grass! But it's cooler-no sun. And I don't like sun even though I should like it because I'm mommy calls me her little princess! Does that mean the herding field will be muddy? Yikes! Well I usually get really dirty anyway because I jump in the baby pool to cool off but I wont have to do that today!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Herding in the open field tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big day for us! My mommy says we'll be herding in the big field! It's in preparation for our Started mommy found out that there is a herding event the first weekend in December in Escondido-maybe we can enter it and attempt a harder course! Hopefully there will be pictures to post tomorrow of me working in the big field!

Mom is back from New Mexico

My mom got back late last nite from some state called New Mexico. She had left on monday and I was in charge of the cats! While she was away one of her cats, Kodak, was diagnosed with diabetes so I tried to be good...but I was so excited when she got home last nite! I gave her all kinds of kisses! and then chased the cats! But the big red suitcase she had taken with her had loads of smells-smelled like dust and seems my mommy was shooting for 4 days in a sorghum field on a movie called "The Burning Plain" on the mexico border...I wish I could have gone with her. She said there were alot of dogs that belonged to crew members- maybe if she goes back in December she can take me...

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Practice today...

We had practice today and I think my mommy is very happy with me!! She kept saying good girl and giving me lots of rubs because I was listening to her commands of "back". I think we get to work in the open field next week-which is a big step because usually we're in an enclosed pen where the sheep have limited movement. We are making the big jump from PT to started....I hope my mommy is ready!