Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finally into the Big Field with 6 Sheep

I always get very excited as we are driving up the freeway to the sunday herding site.. I look out the window and I see and smell the sheep and I get excited! Then we drive in and I know I'm getting time with my sheep! Today was a big day-I was in the big field, without fencing , for the first time! We got there early so I watched a border collie working-and then it was my time. My mommy took pictures before we started and when she started talking to Terry I started barking-I was so excited to start herding my sheep! SO my mommy told me to sit and she went into the corner to get the sheep-she brought them out and told me to "awee" and I went to the left and bam the sheep scattered! So i chased one! I was quite proud of that but I don't think it's what my mom wanted me to terry's border collie went to retrieve the sheep and brought them back to the field and we started again. Terry had told my mom that we had to really work on our "gather" which means I'm sent around the sheep-as far back as possible so as not to move or spook them-to come around from the back. That's hard for cattle dogs! All I want to do is get right in there on their heels! That's what I'm supposed to do! But mommy is trying to teach me to stay back....well I think I did that today. Considering it was the first time in the big field. I was sent both "awee" and "go by" ( left and right) around the sheep and I did it fairly far back-there were one or two times that I really wanted to get in there!! I think my mommy was very happy! She gave me a big hug and kept saying "good girl!" I had so much fun today! I'm so tired! I'm sleeping now that we're home..well I chased the cats first when I got inside but now I'm sleeping! I think we're going to enter an AHBA Herding Trial on December 8th in we'll be practicing practicing practicing!

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PKPWV said...

I love you Velcro. You have saved my life and you deserve all the sheep herding I can give you!