Tuesday, December 18, 2007

An addition from velcro's mom....

My cattle dog is the most sensitive ACD i have ever seen or met. She hates anyone doing anything to her! I'm the only one that can do anything. It sometimes makes the vet a very difficult place to go. I hate hearing her cry but I know that she's not being hurt-especially when her temperature is being taken! It makes me think about becoming a vet tech just to take care of my cattle dog! I know she's a bit of a princess-but it's what makes her the most amazing dog I've ever had! She's my life!

And....she spent 3 hours in her crate today! I gave her a kong and some cookies-which she proceeded to hide in her crate...but then as the hours dragged on I heard her rummaging around for her hidden cookies. It's all looking good for our trip on the airplane!!! We have 6 days to go until she takes her first flight. And I'm scared to death!!!! I think she'll be fine once I'm out of her site and she's barked the necessary times.....but still. She's my girl!

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