Monday, December 24, 2007

The Big Day

I'm eating my breakfast early today and it's still dark. Usually this is what happens when mommy goes to work-I wonder if she's going to work.....I'm going to eat all my food though and maybe she'll take me out to play with my ball-she's already mentioned going to the park! Yippee the park!

Note from Velcro's mom: Velcro's fine I'm the one who is feeling sick-we leave for the airport at 9am....I have loads of treats in hand and have put pictures of me up in her crate. Yeah I'm a dork!


Michelle said...

How did she do? I'm sure she was fine! How did you do?

PKPWV said...

She did great much better than mom!!! She was a little scared when I took her out but immediately was back to normal after her pee and poop!! So it was a very good trip! Thanks for thinking of her and me!!! I was a wreck at the airport after giving her to the baggage handlers-went to the bar and had 2 beers!