Monday, December 31, 2007

Our Cross Country Journey

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Day #1
Well today I was put into the car with mommy's suitcase and my crate and we started driving..... We drove from Nashville to Memphis, Tennessee-crossing over the Tennessee River. It must have been really cold outside because there was steam coming off the river! When we drove into Memphis, I got to see the sights. Mommy took me to Beale Street, the Lorraine Motel-where Martin Luther King was assassinated, and to the Mississippi River where I saw river boats that people get to eat and drink on! After seeing the sights of Memphis-I got back into the car and we drove across this big bridge-she took a picture of The State of Arkansas sign-it would have been hard for me to get in front of that sign since it's in the middle of the Mississippi River and a picture of the Mississippi River sign

Day #2
We woke up very early this morning. I don't think mommy could sleep. It was 6am and dark and VERY COLD in Oklahoma City. The nice lady at the Motel 6 desk said the cold front came in. I didn't really feel the cold but I think mom did especially when we went out to play with the tennis ball-she had to put on her big jacket! We left Motel 6 and started driving but first we had to get breakfast. I got 2 sausage patties! I ate them in the backseat-they were yummy!

We drove thru Oklahoma and got to Texas. I got my picture taken in front of the Welcome to Texas sign and then mommy took me to see COWS! The cows ran away from me! I don't know why? I looked at them but they were on the other side of a fence-but they were looking at me. We didn't stay long because it was cold-so mommy and I got back in the car and turned up the heat! But did you know that the Oklahoma Welcome center on I-40, heading east, is building a dog park! WOW! A welcome center that likes dogs and makes an area that we can play in! Texas didn't have a Welcome Center that had a dog park! And we weren't in Texas stop

New Mexico. It has gotten colder-well i don't feel it as much as mommy! We only stopped on Route 66 in Tucamcari, NM. Mommy was hungry so we got to drive on the historic had snowed alot in New Mexico because there was alot of snow still on the ground. There were alot of old motels and stores along route 66.

I've slept alot since being in the car! I slept thru most of new mexico amd then we drove into Arizona-it was dark when we got into Arizona and I had had enough of driving! I wanted out of the car. Mommy kept saying we'd be out very soon. And she was right. We've stopped for the night in Winslow, Arizona. I'm in the hotel and I have my harness off and I'm relaxing! Mommy gave me some food-I ate just a bit of it. I'm not a big fan of eating when I'm someplace that's not my house! Mom seems to be tired- I think she's ready for bed!

Happy New Year from Arizona! Mom says tomorrow is our last day in the car! I sure do hope so! I love being with mom but I'm tired of being in the car for 12 hours a day and only being able to get out to pee and poop. I want to play with my jolly ball and herd sheep!

Day #3
I think we're on the LAST day of this car trip!I've never been in the car for so long-but I'm with mom so that's all that matters to me! I woke up when mom woke up this morning. And the first thing I got to do was go outside and play with my ball. But it was VERY COLD! Mom couldn't stay out long-mommy said it was about 19 degrees-is that cold? Mom sure acted like it was cold! This hotel was pretty nice in Winslow, Arizona. Once again we stayed at a pet friendly hotel! I like pet friendly hotels! It was the Comfort Inn on I-40 in Winslow. The room had a big window that I could look out! SO I looked out when mom opened the curtains in the morning! We toured Winslow-it's a Route 66 town like some of the others I got to visit! When we got back on 1-40 we headed towards Flagstaff. Mom said Flagstaff looked nice! We stopped at a rest stop and i got to stand in snow for the very first time! It was cold and kinda wet and i didn't really how to walk on it. It was funny! And my mom enjoyed watching me on snow for the first time! Flagstaff was very nice-I think Flagstaff would be a fun place for dogs! Maybe mom will take me back-but when it's warmer and that cold, white wet stuff isn't on the ground! I think we are finally in California! I know because mom opened the windows more and it was warmer! And it smells familiar! I know California! And when we drove up to my house! I was so excited! I was home, out of this car and I get to see my cats! I've missed my house and my cats but at least i was with my mom!

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