Friday, December 28, 2007

Elmington Park to play with my Jolly Ball

I woke up this morning to thunder and lightning! It's raining here but it didn't stop mommy from taking me to the park to play with my Jolly Ball. She had taken me out to the backyard but it was getting too muddy! So we went to Elmington park with my Jolly ball. I had fun even when it started raining SO HARD! I got really wet but mommy let me play until i was panting and licking my Jolly Ball-that usually means I've worked enough and am ready to go home and take a nap! Which I did in my mommy's lap! Also-the mean cat, Hamish, isn't hissing and growling at me as much. We can actually be in the same room and he doesn't bother me!

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