Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going to a peaceful protest today against puppy mills

I think we're going to be heading out soon-I have a tennis ball in my mouth waiting patiently for my mommy to take me out so she can throw me the tennis ball! Hurry up mom!

But she mentioned something about driving up to Beverly Hills today because starting at 12 noon there is a peaceful protest outside a puppy store called Posh Puppy. It's being staged by Best friends, Humane Association Last Chance Animals and some others to protest the puppy mill problem. I think there are going to be some famous people there-maybe they'll bring there dogs too...and we can all cruise along Wilshire in BH. I hope mommy takes a picture of me! Maybe we'll even get on the news because it's supposed to be a very busy shopping day today!

Here are pics from the protest-it was a great turnout and the shop closed due to the protest! It was an awesome experience. And Velcro was a hit with her t-shirt that said: I'm a shelter dog, stop puppy mills."

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