Saturday, December 1, 2007

Herding practice in Escondido

Today mommy piled me into the car early in the morning and we drove and drove and drove-all of a sudden I started smelling things and looking out the window and recognizing things-I was going to see SHEEP!!! Mommy and I did something completely different today. We had to go into the pen that holds the sheep-I was on the leash-and we brought the sheep out (the second set of sheep wouldn't leave the pen!) Once out of the pen mommy took me off lead and then she opened another gate and the sheep went into the big arena-and she called me and I followed. Then mommy had to separate the sheep-with my help of course!!! She put 4 away and kept 4 in the pen. Then we walked to the cone in the middle of the arena and we started the course....I think mommy was very happy with me! We did the course twice! It was fun and muddy! I was sleepy on the drive home!

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