Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Herding Trial this saturday in Escondido

Mommy got an email from the Trial Secretary last nite about the trial:

Thank you for entering the Action K 9 Sports Herding Trial. Trial will start at 8 a.m. Saturday with Handlers meeting – HTD III will go first and JHD running concurrently. Terry Folsom will be judging HTD and second legs on tests, Cathy Modica will be first legs on test. HTAD will follow with Jerry Stoner.
Mommy entered me in the HTAD 1. She thinks it might be later in the day...so I wont have to get up at 5am when it's cold and dark! Maybe mommy can take me for a run before we leave for Escondido! Then maybe....I wont be super amped up when I see the sheep! All this herding sheep is SO MUCH FUN! I love sheep and get so excited when mommy takes me! I start barking but I become more attentive than normal!

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