Sunday, December 9, 2007

HTAD 1 at AHBA Trial in Escondido

Mommy took me herding again! We drove in the car for about 2 hours and as soon as we got off the freeway I knew where we were going and I was SO EXCITED!!!

We sat for a long time-mommy threw the tennis ball to me two times and we had gone for a run in the morning before we left so i was kinda tired-I was glad mommy had her chair because I sat in it during the day!
When We finally got in to the arena to my sheep it was getting dark and it was cold! We were competing in HTAD 1 which means Herding Trial Arena Dog in the AHBA Herding Trial in Escondido. This is the first time mommy and I will be competing on the Trial level-it's level one, the beginning level, and the main difference is we get scored on each element! I think my mommy was nervous! I wasn't!

So we went into the the take pen to get our 8 sheep. We got them out and they ran straight for the big arena-no deductions on this part!...we moved out of the take pen and into the big arena. Mommy sat me down in the middle and she went to sort the sheep-she had to sort 4 sheep-she was deducted 2 points for this, maybe it was because she had to step over a sheep-silly mommy! Then mommy walked to me and called me-I came and she sent me on the drive, which was worth 15 points. I ran towards the sheep barking-I dont think mommy was too happy with my drive-wasn't as wide a sit should have been but the sheep came to her . We had a 6 point deduction out of 15 points for the drive. The mommy walked with the sheep around the two cones and towards the Y chute. This is where mommy had to stay at the opening of the chute and command me to push the sheep into the Y chute. I followed my awees and go bys and the sheep went thru-they didn't go right away so out of 15 points we lost 4 points. Once the sheep were thru the Y chute we had to do a cross drive and move the sheep thru two gates without mommy walking thru the gates. Out of 15 points we lost 5 on this. Mommy kept giving me the commands and I thought I was doing it well....but those silly sheep! After the gate we walked around another cone and mommy and I had to hold the sheep for a beat or two-no deductions! Then we moved toward the gate to repen the sheep and I sat and mommy put the sheep away-no deductions! Then after the sheep were put away mommy called my name and said good girl! I had so much fun and i think mommy did too because she was very excited! After all the runs we found out we qualified! Yippee! One leg down and one to go! We didn't get a ribbon-it will be mailed to mommy! And she'll add it to the board of ribbons and pictures she has in the guest room....I was so tired when we left...I crawled into the back of the car and slept the entire way back home...of course I gobbled up my hamburger mommy bought me first!!

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Sylvia said...

Yes! Velcro is definitely a winner! And she has a terrific mommy!