Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm feeling sick

A note from Velcro's mom: I woke up this morning feeling so itt. Tomorrow is the big day! The day I put my baby on the plane for the first time and I'm feeling so sick about it! Will she be ok?!! I think she'll be fine once I'm out of sight. I plan on taking her to the park tomorrow before we leave and letting her play with her jolly ball-should exhaust her. My hope is that she sleeps and doesn't cry or bark the entire time-or growl at the baggage handlers. I put her in last nite and she growled. Then I decided to move the crate around like it will be when they pick her up-she got a little spooked. But then she was quiet! It's making me feel SICK! I hate this. I had wanted to drive cross country! No I'm wishing I had a trailer or RV so I could drive all over with my babies! Sick sick sick I'm feeling-it's horrible!

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