Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from Nashville

Merry Christmas. i woke up this morning and mommy took me outside-the ground was cold and I didn't like it initially on my feet...but mommy had a ball and I forgot about the cold frost on my paws. They have a yard here that's all mine! I can play all the time if I want!!! I had breakfast after I played-I didn't eat much..I'll eat more later. then i got a treat. mommy took me out in the car for a ride-I looked out the window but I didn't see many people at all..and BRRRRR it's colder here than my house! I think it's a special day because grandpa gave me a couple of pieces of sausage-it was yummy! I'm lying on the floor next to my mom. That mean cat just came down from upstairs- I just jumped into my mommy's lap! He scares me.

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