Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mommy took me to the vet!

Mommy took me to the vet yesterday. She said something about needing a health certificate to go on a trip...so in we went. I was hiding under the seats beofre they called my name. When we went in...the vet tech came in and said something to mommy. I was on the floor and they both came down and mommy held my head and the vet tech went to grab my tail-well I yelped and cried! I didn't want anyone bu my mommy touching my tail.... so he left. Ha I showed him!

The vet came in a little bit later-I was hiding under the seat...he called my name and my mommy called my name and I came out. mommy picked me up and put me on the table-she was saying how I was a good girl and that she loved me.....the vet had a thermometer in his hand....my mommy said that they had to take my temperature for the health certificate and also because she didn't think I had been feeling well the past few days.

Well the vet went to insert the thermometer and as soon as I felt it I cried, yelped and nearly jumped off the table.

He said that they needed to take a temp and told my mommy that he'd take me into the back. thats' when mommy said to take a blood as well in case I was sick since I was back there. So they put me on the table and put a muzzle on my nose...I didn't like that and started crying-where was my mommy! I wish she was here. I know she was close! She wouldn't leave me!!! Well they took my temp and blood-I howled and cried so loud! And then it was finished....and I was on the ground-that's when i heard my mommy calling my name and I RAN AS FAST AS I COULD into the room! I was safe with my mommy!!!

My temperature was fine-at least that's what my mommy says and she'll get my blood work back thursday....

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