Saturday, December 29, 2007

Richland Creek Greenway for a run

Around 4pm today mommy started getting her running gear on-I knew we were going for a run! We went to a new place called Richland Creek Greenway. Mommy said it was new! I guess that's why she went! The path started off besides the train tracks-I wanted to see a train but one didn't come by! Then we saw a golf course! And ran besides the golf course for about 3 miles. I saw lots of dogs, Romeo the Great Dane and a Border Collie who tried to herd me...she didn't know that I heard sheep too!!! And I'm not a sheep! We ran about 4 miles-I had a great time with my mom!

We got back home and I was tired...I jumped into the chair to rest! They brought the vacuum cleaner out-I bit it!! I love biting the vacuum cleaner! Then mommy started to get ready to go out-they all left me! Mommy left me! She had been packing the car and I thought she was leaving me forever!!! But she came back! Yippee! And then Banner , my big boy Lab cousin, came over to play...but I wasn't in the mood to play-I was cranky because mommy had been moving her suitcase outside! Please don't leave me mommy!

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