Friday, December 21, 2007

Travelling with an animal...

Note from Velcro's mom: Well, I've spent years flying with my cats in the cabin but this trip to Tennessee will be the first time Velcro has travelled in a plane and the first time I've travelled with a pet in baggage. Well, I called American Airlines today to tell them I was bringing a pet with me-and it's a good thing I called! The reservation agent made a notation on the reservation and the flight that there will be a pet in baggage and that there is a "No Dry Ice" restriction now on the flight. No one ever said I should call and double check about dry ice and my pet! Why is this not mentioned? Well I'm mentioning it. Call ahead-good thing I'm a neurotic pet owner-and let the airline know that you'll be travelling with a pet as checked baggage so that the cargo people don't put dry ice with your pet!

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