Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Velcro does Nashville Day 1

I'm the queen of all I survey. This is my parthenon!

On the steps of the Parthenon...in Nashville

Mommy and I on the steps of the Parthenon!

Here i am hiding from the "mean cat"...he was trying to attack me-so i saw an opportunity to be close to mom and hide.

Here i am with mommy coming back from our first one mile loop around centennial park.

This duck/goose kept coming closer to me. I wasn't sure what to do-it attacked my nose so i ran off and we continued our 2.5 mile run!

Here we are coming to the end of our run in Centennial Park. Run run run-I saw lots of dogs on my run!

Here I am posing for my picture with froggie. I'm beautiful!

I'm sitting in my mommy's lap because the mean cat was growling at me

The MEAN cat, Hamish-he is a rescue from the streets of Hermosa Beach living in Nashville now

My christmas present, a jolly ball!! I love my jolly ball! And then I got to go outside and play with my jolly ball.

So far my first day in Nasville has been fun. I'm lying in my moms lap right now...the mean cat is downstairs somewhere....I smell yummy food cooking-I hope i get some. I think I get to see Banner, the lab tonight! yippee another dog friend!

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nice pictures!