Friday, December 21, 2007

We ran in the rain last night

We got back from the Tall Ships and she got on the computer-she started crying-I don't know why. Maybe it was about that dog Lucy up in Northern California. I know she had been talking to people all day and sending out emails. Well mommy finally got off the computer around 6pm and she said-"wanna go for a run?" and as soon as my harness was on I knew we were going out again! She put on her shoes-yes we were running! Yippee! But I didn't realize it was raining! I don't like the rain-it gets me wet! It didn't stop my mom-she even had someone tell her 'that's alot of dedication" and she said it was all for me! She must love me! We ran far tonight, moms foot must be feeling better! I got to sniff lots of things too-she always stops and lets me sniff. Then we're off and running. We ran past my friend Dakota's house-she an australian shepherd-she wasn't outside tonight. She usually goes in when it gets dark because she had complaints filed against her for barking-her mommy and daddy won! Whee...we're home-we saw alot of dogs out as soon as it stopped raining. I'm soaked -mom says I smell like wet dog...wait I am a wet dog!!!! 3.5 miles tonight! Then after drying me off and playing with me I went into my kennel-thank goodness it was only for an hour.Why does she keep doing this?

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