Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We're in a new cold place called Nashville

Mommy and I went to the airport yesterday-normally I go with her in the car to pick people up but this time we were dropped off-with my big crate. I got to go inside the terminal. Mommy and I got out of the car and Joseph took care of us-loading my crate and mommy's bag onto the big cart! And then we walked in. Joseph took us to the 1st class check-in and we went right to the front of the line. Mommy filled out paperwork and gave them my health certificate and my letter of acclimation for travel. I was being very good! I just sat there and didn't bark at all. The lovely lady who checked us in told mommy that she didn't have to put me in the crate right away-so we went and sat for about an hour and I got to play with my froggie-I killed the squeaker while at the airport-and I had a chicken strip. After about an hour we walked to the center section of the AA terminal and that's when my crate went into a room and then it was brought out with a TSA man. Mommy took my harness off and put my work collar on and said I love you and I went into my crate with a kong. And then the skycap zip-tied me into my cage. I looked at mommy-she was crying and saying I love. And then the skycap pushed my crate to the elevator-I didn't like him pushing the crate but I didn't bark or growl. And then mommy was out of sight. It was 11:15am. The next time mommy saw me was when i was being loaded onto the plane. She said she saw my crate from the waiting area...I was the last one to be loaded onto the plane. The baggage handlers changed the bag ramp when I was loaded. I was pacing in my crate as they loaded me. All of a sudden I'm in this place I've never been-I think it's a plane.During this plane ride I just knew mommy was above me I just new it. I don't think mommy had a good flight-she didn't sleep or eat much all day. At around 7pm central time, 5pm in california, the plane landed-it was kinda bumpy and then we stopped and it was quiet again. the door opened and new baggage handlers were unloading all the bags but not me.....I was last to be taken off. The nice baggage handler brought me on a truck and then took me to a door-I saw my mommy! He told mommy that I had a nice red heeler-I think all mommy cared about was getting me out of the crate. And grandpa and nanny were there too! My mommy didn't leave me!!! I was so excited to see her. I didn't eat my kong while I was in my crate! No way! As soon as mommy let me out I wanted to race outside...the humans loaded up the crate and the bags and we drove to the nearest grassy spot and mommy and I went out-I pee'd and pooped and felt like a new girl. I jumped back in the car and we drove to a new house with new smells and new cats and Griffin. i got to see griffin again! One of the cats, Hamish-attacked me. he stalked me and attacked me. All I wanted to do was play with him like I play with Winton-but he didn't wanted to play he wanted to kill me. So he was put upstairs because mommy was concerned that the ACD in me might come out. I slept with my mommy-I'm so glad my mommy didn't leave me.

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