Thursday, January 31, 2008

Run Velcro Run

Mom and I just came back from a 4.15 mile run-it was fun! We started at the park and ran toward another park called White Point Nature Preserve. That's where mom took me off leash and I became the true heeler running companion~staying right behind mom. I enjoy our runs...but I didn't see any bunnies. I guess it's too cold for bunnies right now. When it starts warming up I'm going to have to tell mom to take me running at Ocean trails-loads of bunnies there!!


We had a bit of a late start today-mom and I were up at 2am last nite...I heard these people coming up the stairs and I started barking~mom said stop barking so I did but then a few minutes later we heard steps outside moms window and she heard a diesel engine running-she popped out of bed (she scared me she jumped so fast) and looked out the window to see a fire engine and ambulance right outside the building-the paramedics were rolling a stretcher up towards our steps. My mom was ok! But she said a word that dogs don't say and asked me to be quiet~I think I knew something was going on because normally I'm not quiet when strangers are outside my door! Mom went outside~I think she went to our neighbors house right across the breezeway~I heard my mom talking and then mom followed the paramedics downstairs-I knew because I was looking out the window. The paramedics had our neighbor-she wasn't feeling good at all. After the fire truck and ambulance left, mom came back upstairs-she told me our neighbor was sick and had been taken to the hospital-our neighbor has a heart condition....I think mom was worried so i snuggled with her when she climbed back into bed. But mom couldn't fall back asleep right away~which is why we got up late this morning.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A trip to a very windy park to play

The joy of being me-getting to go to the park almost every day with my mom to play with my jolly ball! I'll miss this once mom goes back to work! But then my pet sitter, Sylvia, will take me to play with my tennis ball-so I wont miss out at all! It was very windy and cool today~but that didn't stop me from being the star jolly ball athlete that I am. I think mom got a little chilly though. Silly mom!

Same thing different day

it's Wilson day today! Look at my pose, I'm at the ready!
Who put graffiti on my fire hydrant?? Why would you tag a fire hydrant?
Dont ask me why mom took this~maybe she was feeling kinda artsy or something.

Yes I'm nothing if not predictable! Yes every morning I grab a tennis ball and go outside to do my business and then to get a little morning exercise. And yes mom is predictable too! She grabs her camera and goes outside with me and snaps photos....does that make us boring?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A night out!!

Mom and I had a social engagement we went to tonight! Isn't it cool that she was able to bring me!! I was so excited! We went up to the Brewery Art Colony in Los Angeles to have snacks and drinks with a few of moms fellow film business people. They had yummy cheese and two other dogs were there! Mawson, the greyhound and Teddy the Standard Poodle. I liked them both! Mawson was very laid back-kinda like my friend Grace the Greyhound-but he's a boy! We stayed up very late-I started getting tired~and fell asleep when we got into the car. I was so happy to get home and crawl into bed-I was out way past my bedtime!!

Cat Herding 101

There is a definite art form to cat herding. The first thing a herding dog must remember-cats aren't sheep~they think they are smarter than sheep and us dogs! Let me tell you, the most important thing a herding dog must remember: cats have claws that will stick into your face. With that information in hand, let me show you the basic steps of cat herding.
  • Be aware of the cat's front paws~they are weapons and may raise up and strike at any moment. Being agile and poised at the ready is a must.
  • As the cat moves forward, nudge his hind area a bit (otherwise known as his butt!). The cat must know that the herding dog is in charge!
  • The cat will inevitably stop,they always seem to, when the cat stops-ALERT- be on the defensive for a right or a left hook (or both!)
  • Once the cat starts it's movement forward, upon hearing it's name being called, prepare your heeler instincts and give said cat a nip on it's back leg. This is a mandatory part of cat herding!
  • Cat approaches the desired area due to your keen cat herding abilities.


Tuesday is Pilates day for mom

Hi and good is heading out to her pilates class so I can only blog for a short time-because while she's away she hides the keyboard from me!! But I know I've got a fun day planned. I already ate my breakfast so, while she's away, I'll get my post breakfast snooze! I ate Hunk of Beef today-yum yum! Then I know mom and I have to go for a run today either 3 or 4 miles-we'll see how mom feels and then were heading up to downtown tonight for a social engagement-and I get to go!! Yippee!!!! I love it when mom takes me with her to all these places. I'll make sure she takes lots of pictures tonight.

Ran 3.35 Miles today!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Not Even Darkness....

Stops me from playing with my ball when I go out to do my business! I'd have a ball in my mouth 24/7 if my mom would let me.....not even darkness stops mom from taking pictures!


mom you know where my sheep are!! They aren't here!! But the cats are!

The Start of a Week with Mom, Again!

Well once again it's another monday-normally that would mean my mom would be going to work-but the WGA Strike is still keeping her at home with all of us!

Last nite we went on a short run-1.9 Miles (it gave me a total of 7 miles run yesterday! Mom and I are getting into great shape). But when we got home we were walking down the path and who did we run into but a raccoon! Mom kinda made a squeal and it immediately turned directions and headed toward me-let me tell you it looked like a stripped sheep! I so wanted to chase it~but mom wouldn't let me. I don't know why!

As you can see it's still raining here. Mom threw the ball for me today-I'm panting from the tennis ball wind sprints! I think I get breakfast now! Yummy! I hope everyone has a great monday!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A 5.1 Mile run along the ocean before the rains!

Mom and I went for our long run for this week-5.1 miles. We must of timed it perfectly because we missed the rain! We saw lots of people out running-and lots of dogs-there were 3 other cattle dogs out walking today! WOW-mom said she's never seen so many cattle dogs while were were on our run. There was also a dog that was lost-she chased after us (she crossed the street in front of a car-luckily she wasn't hurt) so we stopped. She was lost from her home and a nice couple was going to take her to one of the vets offices right up the street that's open on sunday. They tried to call the owner-but the owner didn't answer. If that had been me, I would have been very angry if my mom hadn't answered that silly cell phone!!

We finished our run and mom got the water out of the car. She then decided that she was going to treat herself to a beer-so we walked across the street to a dive bar called Walker's Cafe. It's pretty famous-they shot a bit of To Live and Die in LA in there. But I wasn't allowed in-but lots of people came outside to say hi to me-and mom stayed right by the door so I saw her the entire time.

Now we're at home and it's raining very hard!! I'm so glad we weren't caught in the rain!

Happy Sunday!!

Good morning. I had a great sleep last night! It rained! I snuggled with mom! It doesn't get any better than that! Then I got to go out this morning with my tennis ball-imagine that! My mom thinks the tennis ball is an additional appendage-is she making fun of me? Sunday usually means mom sits and watches football-but from what I understand there isn't football this week. But next week there is and I think we're running in our first race in about a year and a half! It's the Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 5K. Mom usually registers me so I get a race number! And of course silly mom takes LOADS of pictures!! So today we will be heading out for a 5 mile run!! Yeah 5 miles. mom's great though-she lets me stop to do my business and smell the roses. I'm sure she will take pictures today! She always does!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Anyone know the website for "My dog is Orange"

Cal, from the blog, My dog is Orange, left a comment but I can't find the address for the blog-does anyone have any ideas the blog address??

The Night before the Rain....

I HATE the vacuum cleaner!

I hate the vacuum cleaner! It makes noise and moves! It must die!

A trip to the Park on a sunny Day before the storm

Woo Hoo, Mom took me to Friendship Park to play with my Jolly Ball. Mom was so excited because it wasn't raining yet so we jumped in the car and drove up the hill to the park. I was so excited to get out in the sunshine and herd my Jolly Ball! I had fun! No run for us today because it's mom's rest day but tomorrow were supposed to run 5 miles-hope it's not raining!

An Orange Ball!! To celebrate the University of Tennessee!!

Mom has alot of things orange-my harness is a University of Tennessee harness, so is my leash. I guess living in California she misses all things Tennessee. And she mentioned something about Tennessee playing Georgia in basketball today and that the basketball teams(both men and women) ROCK this I guess it was orange tennis ball day. I don't care what color it is as long as it's thrown for me and I can chase it!!!Mom also used her new little springy leg tripod today-I think she was tired of lying on the cold cement-it's always funny to see my mom lying down on the concrete in the morning~means it's picture time!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

3.25 Mile training Run for the Half Marathon

Mom decided, since there was a lull in the wet cold winter storms we've been having here in southern California, that we could get a training run in for the half marathon we're running at the end of off we went to run along Paseo Del Mar-which has a view of Catalina Island. We're running almost everyday now. It's amazing how things have changed since moms foot is feeling better and since that unhealthy ex-boyfriend left her! (Mind you now I have mom all to herself!!!) I like this run because we usually go into White Point Nature Preserve and she lets me off leash...and guess what~that's what we did. It was pretty muddy though-I got mud stuck in between my paws and mom had tons of mud stuck on the bottom of her shoes.....I also wasn't feeling great-stopped a few times to eat grass. Maybe I'm tired and need a rest day!

I much prefer to run off leash-then I can stop and smell things without stopping mom.

Friday morning Tennis Ball Time

Look at the color of my ball today! WOW! I don't think mom likes it~she says it's very heavy to throw~but she threw it anyway because she loves me!! I wonder if we're going running today? The clouds are VERY dark! I think it might rain again. But I know mom and I have to get our training in for the upcoming Country Music Half Marathon that mom is running and that I hope I can run with her~what will mom do if she doesn't have her constant running partner??? Look at the action shot mom took of me grabbing the ball-she's really liking taking pics of me!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Nighttime Walk to see the Ducks

I was really lucky today! Not only did I get an almost 4 mile run in with mom this morning but I just went on a nighttime walk (1.8 miles for all of you keeping track of my half marathon training-mom is running the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville Tennessee in April and I'm training with her!!) with mom to Averrill Park to see the DUCKS! Woo Hoo! I think I scared them initially because they were all sleeping. Then when they saw us they woke up and came towards us~I think they thought we were going to feed them....

You see what happens when my mom doesn't work because of the WGA strike-she always has her camera!!!

How dare mom take pictures and a video of me disemboweling my froggie! She really must get back to work! Can't the dogs of the world unite and tell the WGA and the producers to hurry up and strike a deal so my mom can get back to work and stop constantly recording my every move!!! I was just having fun~she had one of those cats sitting on her lap so I decided the stuffing most come out of froggie~again~and what did she do.....recorded it! She was laughing-guess she thought it was funny that I was pulling the stuffing out of froggie! Maybe she'll buy me a new froggie now!!

A 3.84 Mile Run with Mom

Mom and I went for a run first thing this morning~I think she felt bad because we didn't do anything yesterday because of the rain. But that means I didn't get to play with my Tennis ball this morning. We deviated from the norm!!! Well because we didn't stick to our morning routine I decided at the end of the run to make moms life fun and interesting ha ha may be tired but I'm not!! I did get breakfast as soon as we got home-yummy! And now I'll be napping

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rain Rain Rain

Look.....raindrops on the window~it was raining so hard when we got home that I got wet getting out of the car!!!
Closer look at the raindrops!
Mom opened up the balcony door to smell and look at the rain-does rain smell? All I know is that it gets me wet and cold and then I have to go rub on all the furniture to dry my fur! But then look who joins me...
the cats decided to join me.... and then

all three cats joined me on the balcony! The cats love me so much! They must be near me 24/7!!