Thursday, January 3, 2008

1st Thursday

It was a busy Thursday for me! Mom and I walked downtown-about 2.5 miles I guess. I saw lots of skateboarders and mom took my picture in front of a mannequin in an art gallery window-she thought it looked kinda cool. I was smelling food! We walked home and then I got to nap because mom went out.....but when she got back she put her running stuff on and I knew we were going out! Yippee! We ran this time downtown and back-you see they were having 1st Thursday-it's when all the local artists open up their art studios. I actually got to go in a few art studios and look at art!! It was "dog nite" because Grace the greyhound was with me......we had fun and then we ran home! I was tired by this time and couldn't wait to go to bed!!!

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