Sunday, January 27, 2008

A 5.1 Mile run along the ocean before the rains!

Mom and I went for our long run for this week-5.1 miles. We must of timed it perfectly because we missed the rain! We saw lots of people out running-and lots of dogs-there were 3 other cattle dogs out walking today! WOW-mom said she's never seen so many cattle dogs while were were on our run. There was also a dog that was lost-she chased after us (she crossed the street in front of a car-luckily she wasn't hurt) so we stopped. She was lost from her home and a nice couple was going to take her to one of the vets offices right up the street that's open on sunday. They tried to call the owner-but the owner didn't answer. If that had been me, I would have been very angry if my mom hadn't answered that silly cell phone!!

We finished our run and mom got the water out of the car. She then decided that she was going to treat herself to a beer-so we walked across the street to a dive bar called Walker's Cafe. It's pretty famous-they shot a bit of To Live and Die in LA in there. But I wasn't allowed in-but lots of people came outside to say hi to me-and mom stayed right by the door so I saw her the entire time.

Now we're at home and it's raining very hard!! I'm so glad we weren't caught in the rain!


RBR said...

Ms. Velcro you are such a beautiful girl! Happy Sunday!I hope you have fun watching the rain with the kitties!

powder-puff said...

Hey velcro!!

sounds like you were very lucky to not get caught in the rain!!

I love the rain , because that means GIANT mud puddles to splash in!!

lots of love

peace out

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hi Velcro, Im Benjamin. We have the same patches at our face, nice marking huh!!