Monday, January 21, 2008

A Holiday Monday Morning-aren't they all Holidays While the WGA Strike is on?

Well it's some sort of human holiday today-but that doesn;t make a difference to my mom-everyday seems to be a holiday to her because of the WGA Strike. I don't think she's very happy about not working! As a matter of fact I think she's getting kinda depressed about it. She's now been out of work since the middle of November-but she still takes pictures of me and still loves me!! I guess that's what mommies are all about. She's crying today though-I just want to make her happy! Maybe a big kiss-a slobbery wet one! I think she's crying also because she was sitting at her computer and some email came thru from that ex-boyfriend of hers (who hasn't contacted her in over 4 months~who I did like but he's made my mommy cry way too much so woof on him!!) wanting to add her as a Plaxo Pulse friend-she started crying-he left her while she was at work and now wants to be friends...I'm sorry mommy! Lets go out and play with the ball it will make you feel better!! I promise-because it make s me feel better!! I think she might be up for a run this morning-maybe clear her head. A run always make s her feel better.

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