Thursday, January 17, 2008

How does the WGA strike affect a dog, ME!

Mom took me on a trip to Century City today. She was selling some concert tickets that she bought months ago for a concert in San Diego, Ryan Adams. I guess she really likes his music because she was really bummed she had to sell these tickets-but she told me that she couldn't afford a night on the town in san diego since she hasn't worked in a very long time because of the WGA strike. Now, you ask, how does this affect me, Velcro, the australian cattle dog.....well if affects me both positvely and negatively. The good thing, and ONLY good thing about the strike, is that mom is home everyday all day long! She hasn't gone to work-because there isn't any work! So I get to go to the park everyday, get to go for runs-everyday and mom gets to get back into shape!! But the negatives outway all the positives. Don't get me wrong~I LOVE having mom home! LOVE IT!!!! But at some point mom will run out of money, mom will run out of stocks that she can sell in an already horrible stock market..and then what happens. Unemployment doesn't cover moms mortgage, tuition for her son, bills,food, vet bills, dog food, cat food and gas....what will mom do? I hope mom will be able to buy the good food that keeps me healthy and happy and keeps my boy kitties healthy and happy! I hope she will be able to feed herself, her son and pay her mortgage-which is an important thing-our house!! I couldn't live on the streets or in a car! Where would I stretch out???

When we were in Century City today~we drove by 20th Century Fox-that's when mom took those pictures of all the writers outside the lot the writers not know that they have caused my mom to lose all her work! She spent half the month of November unemployed and was lucky to pick up a few days on features in December-but 5 days out of 31 days don't pay moms' bills.....and here we are in january. I've gone to the park alot-but mom hasn't worked at all! NOTHING!!! I want my mom to make money and work so she can take me to the herding events and herding...if this continues~I'll have to stop sheep herding on sundays~this sucks for a dog!!! Imagine what it must be like for my MOM!

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