Monday, January 14, 2008

A stop in manhattan beach....

Mom had an appointment today in Santa Monica and I was a lucky dog and got to go with her! On our way back we went the scenic route so I could get my picture taken in neat places! Mom loves to take my picture! Our First stop was Manhattan Beach. We walked a bit on the greenbelt then decided to walk to the downtown area. Mom stopped at the new fire station~there is a 9/11 memorial~actually they have two small pieces of the beams from the towers.

Here I am on the greenbelt-the greenbelt is 6 miles from one end and back-you can run from the southern end of Hermosa beach to the northern end of Manhattan Beach~loads of smells and soft dirt to run on! I've gone for a run here with mom-I like it!
Here I am in front of the memorial~the closer shot is below. It's a very simple but poignant memorial~there were flowers left out today.

This is overlooking the Manhattan Beach Pier. I'm not allowed on the Pier so this is as close as I could get and still see the Pier.
This is overlooking the Santa Monica Bay from Palos Verdes-in the background is Redondo, Hermosa and Manhattan Beach cities....

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