Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm not feeling 100% this morning

I didn't feel good this morning. I threw up when mom woke up and I thought I had done something kept saying it's ok, good girl, but I still thought I had done something wrong. Then she said lets go outside-so I raced to the door, without a tennis ball, and raced down the step to the grass. I had to poop-well it wasn't a good poop. Mom thinks I must have had a sore tummy all night long because it was diarrhea. I'm so embarrassed! I hope my mommy still likes me! I think she does because she was giving me kisses and rubs and saying good girl.

I never get sick! My friend Grace has had smelly farts for the past couple of days and I did just come back from that cross country trip-I wonder if I picked something up.....mommy is cooking rice for me this morning to put in my breakfast! I want to feel better! But mommy will be here all day so it's ok! I love my mom!

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