Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just got back from a run with Mom

Well we just got back from a morning run. Mom found this website, so now we'll know exactly how many miles we're running-oh YIPPEE! Mom used to have a running garmin gps unit-but her loser ex-boyfriend took it when he left her-so now she's relying on this new site. She showed me the site-it's pretty cool. It shows elevation and you can map out any run anywhere! Kinda cool since we sometimes just go out and run!!! So today she mapped out a 3.4 mile run and off we went...up hills, down hills, a poop stop here, many pee stops!!! and then we were home. I did get to see my friend Dakota-she's an Australian Shepherd who lives on the route-she's really nice. I wish we could play together!! Now I get to eat breakfast and then take a nap!!

Sleepy time after the run...

What? Mom's taking another picture?

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