Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday slept later than usual!

I think my mom was kinda tired today! She slept later than normal today-so i didn't get to play with my tennis ball as long as usual~because she had to go to some silly human pilates class. Doesn't she know that if she spends hours throwing the tennis ball to me it's like lifting those silly weights? Maybe I should have her buy some new WILSON Tennis Balls- or balls that weigh more so she can pretend to lift weights! But she went I hung out with the cats for about an hour without mom. But when she got home I was SO excited! I howled when she walked in the door! Mom was home mom was home! I think I scared the cats-I don't normally howl in the morning-but I was excited! I think mom has things were going to do today. I know she's taking my cat, WInton to the vet today. He has Chronic Renal failure and has to get blood work done today. mom usually takes me with her-because I am her constant companion. Maybe she'll take pics of Winton in the Vet. As long as I don't have to have blood taken-I HATE that!!! They take me into the back and I'm away from my mom-if they could only let my mom stay with me I'd be better!! But it's Winton's turn today! he'll probably meow at them or something.

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Sparky said...

Hi Velcro, you like tennis balls too, eh? They're the best!

I hope Winton the cat does okay at the vet. (Wait, did I just say that about a CAT? Man, I think I'm getting to be more of a softie as I get older!)

As for me, I don't even notice when I get my blood taken. But that might be because my humans stay with me, so I don't care what happens as longs as my loved ones are nearby.