Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sheep in Los Angeles!!!

oh, I smell the sheep!!!

I'm ready I'm ready!! When will it be my turn?

I'm such a lucky Cattle Dog. I got to see my sheep today! Ok~they don't belong to me, they belong to mom's instructor, Terry Parrish (because mom needs more instruction herding than I do ha ha!!) We went later today-I was beginning to think we weren't going because mom was cleaning around the house....but then she put her hat on and my harness on and I knew something was up!

When we got to the field mom and I noticed that the sheep were acting up they were running away from the Collie that was herding right before me-hmm I think the sheep were getting tired! SO I started barking at them-trying to tell them that I was here!!!The sheep ran away from the Collie into a far corner-and the Collie and his owner tried to get them out-but they were being stubborn sheep (I know about being stubborn!). Terry told mom and I to get the sheep-YIKES mom said come on mom have more confidence than that!!! So off we went~the sheep were being buttheads! But we were able to get 6 of the 9 sheep out into the big field and we started herding. Terry told mom that we had to work on our outruns. I'm really seeing which direction mom wants me to go depending which hand mom is holding the stick. She gives me a command: awee or go bye and I go in that direction-attempting to stay as far away as a cattle dog can from four-legged wooly beasts!!! But right at the halfway point of my outrun I'm diving into sheep butts!! I want to heel them-Come on I'm a heeler isn't that what I'm supposed to do? Mom keeps yelling get back and I'll listen but still want to get in there. Mom did something completely different at the end of our session. She sent me on my outrun and didn't say get back until I was at the back of the sheep (where I usually turn into the sheep) and it caught me by surprise so I got back. Mom was SO HAPPY!! We did that a couple more times then she said That will do and whoo I was finished for the day. Good thing because I was E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D and all I wanted to do was drink water and find shade!!! I had so much fun!! Mom took her camera out AGAIN and took a mini-movie of me barking at my sheep-will my mom ever stop with all these pictures??

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powder-puff said...

Hey velcro!!

Nice to meet you!!

Wow you sure are lucky, you got to see SHEEP!!!

Stop by my blog sometime i would LUV to hear from you

peace out