Monday, January 28, 2008

The Start of a Week with Mom, Again!

Well once again it's another monday-normally that would mean my mom would be going to work-but the WGA Strike is still keeping her at home with all of us!

Last nite we went on a short run-1.9 Miles (it gave me a total of 7 miles run yesterday! Mom and I are getting into great shape). But when we got home we were walking down the path and who did we run into but a raccoon! Mom kinda made a squeal and it immediately turned directions and headed toward me-let me tell you it looked like a stripped sheep! I so wanted to chase it~but mom wouldn't let me. I don't know why!

As you can see it's still raining here. Mom threw the ball for me today-I'm panting from the tennis ball wind sprints! I think I get breakfast now! Yummy! I hope everyone has a great monday!

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snoutbeagle said...

Hi Velcro and Velcro's mom,

We have a blue cattle dog in our neighborhood and we love cattle dogs ... so we were very happy to find your site on Dogs with Blogs. Especially a rescue dog like us!

It looks like you have a wonderful place to go running in Southern CA. Wisconsin is terribly cold!

Diesel, Marvin, and their dog mum