Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sunset at Friendship Park

The sunset over the Pacific and Catalina Island-this is the view I get to see alot!!

Well some friendship this park was today! I don't think mom is happy at all-she's mad~not at me but at the mom of this dog-who looked like a Rhodesian Ridgeback-name Coco. Mom took me to the park,where we have gone all week, to play with my Jolly Ball. The difference was today we went around 4:45pm-not our normal time during the day. We got out of the car and mom and I saw a couple of dogs running loose-but I saw my Jolly Ball and didn't even look at the other dogs! I'm only fixated on my ball. SO we go down to the field and I get to play~mom is taking pictures like she always does but this time the sun is setting and she's all excited because she's getting some silhouettes...all i want to do is play with my ball. Then three Yorkshire Terriers come down-they all have their Doggie Fleece Jackets on-I guess they were cold in 57 degree temperature. They were cute though-they wanted me to play and I stopped a couple of times to look at them, but then I continued to play with my ball.

Well out of the blue this big dog, who no one seemed to recognize, came barreling down the hill-straight toward me. What was I doing that attracted this dogs attention. All i wanted to do was play with my ball. This dog came running up to me and immediately started smelling and getting in my face, then she ran off-then she barreled down to me again and started sniffing me and my ball. I sniffed her~ and then out of the blue she started attacking because I'm a cattle dog I will fight back-I don't initiate fights but if someone starts a fight I will fight back. And that's what happened. My mom was right in there-trying to separate us-Coco wouldn't let go. Mom tried to kick her and get in the middle of us but she wouldn't let go. SO my brave mom, grabbed me by my harness and lifted me above her head...but Coco kept coming after me-jumping into the air trying to bite me as my mom has me at her shoulder height-my mom is 5'9". Mom was PISSED!!! Luckily the human male of the Yorkshire terriers came down and started yelling at this Coco and kicking her-but she kept coming after me. Mom had me as high as she could get me holding me so tight and my mom was A-N-G-R-Y. She said a few bad words. Well that was enough for mom-she said we're going home and we walked off-the nice Yorkshire terrier humans asked if I was ok-mom said yes and then said something under her breath...and we walked off. The Yorkshire terrier humans kept asking people who does this dog belong too? Well, mom and I are half way up the hill to the car and some women FINALLY walks up-and the humans say oh that's Coco, Coco just attacked that herding dog....I think mom is PISSED because Coco's human was NO WHERE TO BE SEEN while her dearest Coco was attacking me!!! I didn't start the fight-she did. ALl I was doing was playing with my Jolly Ball-but shouldn't Coco's human be closer to her and watching her??? My mom is always near me and I never run away from her out of her sight-but Coco was way out of her humans site. Did I say mom is PISSED! We got home and she sat on the kitchen floor and cried-I went up and gave her a kiss on the face. She said she was sorry I let that dog attack's ok mom! I'm a cattle dog I'm tough! Mom says she's going to take her herding stick to the park from now on so if that happens again the other dog can get a smack with the stick! Poor mom! I love my mom!!


Kats_Kritters said...

Love your blog.. beautiful pictures!

Hannah said...

HI there Beutiful pictures!


The SIlent World of Lennie said...


Im Australian too but Im a cocker spaniel. How do you bark your name??


Gus and Louie said...

To bad your Mom didn't have her stick today, she could have accidently hit the human who wasn't with her dog!! Some people are so irresponsible. We are sure glad that you are ok. If Louie and I were there we would have had a major blue heeler smack down!!
We are sure glad that you are okay..

We sure would like to help you herd some sheep some time!!! It sure would be more fun than herding cats!!

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Gus and Louie said...

We need to get mom to google and find us some place to herd sheep. That sure would be fun..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie