Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday is Pilates day for mom

Hi and good morning....mom is heading out to her pilates class so I can only blog for a short time-because while she's away she hides the keyboard from me!! But I know I've got a fun day planned. I already ate my breakfast so, while she's away, I'll get my post breakfast snooze! I ate Hunk of Beef today-yum yum! Then I know mom and I have to go for a run today either 3 or 4 miles-we'll see how mom feels and then were heading up to downtown tonight for a social engagement-and I get to go!! Yippee!!!! I love it when mom takes me with her to all these places. I'll make sure she takes lots of pictures tonight.

Ran 3.35 Miles today!


snoutbeagle said...

Hi there,

We have given you an award, bat-eared girl! Stop over at our blog to check it out.

Have a great run later!

Diesel, Marvin, and their dog mum

Ike said...

Pilates and running - your mom is hard core!