Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm having a busy Wednesday

Mom got up very early this morning and guess what we did?? We went running-I was shocked and I think it shocked mom too!! Normally, since she's been off work we run around 5pm, but mom is on a mission to get back to a routine so that once she starts getting work calls we can continue our early morning runs! Why mom wants to run right when she gets up I'll never understand. But it made me hungry! After our run, mom left the house-but no before she gave me a Kong....yummy!! A couple hours later mom came back and she took me to the park to play with my Jolly Ball~we were there about an hour and I played and played and played and got really tired! Sylvia my pet sitter came by to check out the Jolly Ball athlete. I was very excited to see her. I had 2 people at the park with me!!!!

We're home now-I'm growling at the UPS truck. I hear it come down the street. I'm friendly with our UPS guy, his name is Vic and he calls my name when he walks up the stairs. Mom lets me go out and say hello! I stop growling once I see Vic!

Mom has said something about running again tonight....we'll see!! Maybe mom will fall asleep on the couch like she did yesterday!


Baby Love said...

What a great day! BL & I are jealous! Who do you write for?

blue said...

Wow what a big ball!!! You are such a pretty heeler, you look like one of my sisters! Its good to finally meet you. Heelers 4 Life! happy V-day!