Friday, February 8, 2008

A Two Jolly Ball Day

I'm the luckiest cattle dog EVER! I got to go play with my jolly ball twice today! The first time was when mom got home from her 2 Pilates classes...then she took me out to the park again right around sunset! I was playing with my Jolly Ball in the dark. I could see just fine but I think mom was having a hard time of it! No matter-it was a fun day! I'm tired and ready to go to bed!! Good night all!!


Frasier said...

Hi Velcro,
Its nice to meet you...we saw you on the other blogs and came by to say Hi!
Does your mommy teach the classes or take them?Either way her core must be strong!!Mommy loves Pilates and goes thro periods where she does them and then not!!I always get scared when she does the 100!That breathing scares me !!

Frasier said...

Hi again
My mommy is training for a race too,she wanted to do the Georgia ING half marathon but she will be doing it with my grandpa and she thinks he wont be ready by March.But they plan on doing every 5k race till a half marathon!She usually does the peachtree roadrace every year.She runs some on the treadmill and some on the road so I get to do the road portion with her!!!
What race is your mommy doing ?
They went to Elvis' s house last year when he mom was visiting and stayed with some friends in German town and Jackson.We hope your moms family was safe thro the destruction in TN

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i wonder wat exactly is a jolly ball...but anyway, i suppose it bounce n roll just like my favourite ball, albeit it looks much bigger...