Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday with me

Mom went to work again today! But luckily she left me a yummy kong and then my petsitter came in and took me to the tennis courts to play! I didn't come home with any new tennis balls today. Just the one I had! Mom calls me a tennis ball magnet-not today! Mom finally came home at 9pm tonight and she gave me a yummy treat! I was very excited to see her tonight! I missed her!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

10 mile run with mom at sunset

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I think mom is trying to exhaust me before she starts working again this week. We went for a 10 mile run tonight at sunset. We ran thru my favorite places: White Point Nature Preserve and Ocean Trails. I saw lots of bunnies and squirrels at Ocean Trails-I still can't catch them though-they are too fast! Mom and i had a really good time-when we got tot he beach, I looked for a tennis ball, but I didn't find one tonight! Most of the time we always find a ball. Mom thinks I have a tennis ball magnet in me.....

Tomorrow mom is back at work for the week. I'll see my petsitter everyday. And then I hope to start herding cattle maybe next week!!! Mom is very anxious to introduce me to cows! She thinks I'll be great at it!

I hope every doggie had a great weekend with their mom and/or dad!! I know I did! Time for bed now! Good night!

Sheep Sheep Sheep!

Mom took me herding today! I haven't been in 2 weeks so when i saw the sheep I barked and barked. Mom is trying to train me to Get Back I don't want to get back I'm a cattle dog! I want to get in there! So I got a little angry and stubborn when mom kept saying get back so I got back and left the field. I don't think mom was very happy. She put me in ACD timeout in the car. But I got another chance at the sheep! I did my awee and go bye commands and my walk up. So I think it ended on a good note.

Tennis Ball.....


My Tennis Ball! Well it's one of many that I have. I actually found another Tennis Ball last night when mom and I went on our 4.63 mile trail run at Ocean Trails. She threw it to me while we were on the beach! I love Tennis Balls! All any dog or human needs is a Tennis Ball to make them happy!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our saturday so far.....

Mom and I went to run some errands after she woke up! We went to the vet to get the kitties their food and then we went to Target and mom got a kitty tent for the boys and biodegradable poop bags for me. She also got me yummy chicken treats! They are my favorite! Now we're resting before we go for a run. the clouds are coming in and it's getting dark-I wonder if it's supposed to rain today?


Mom is with me all weekend!!

Mom is mine for the weekend!!! No work for her until monday morning! Of course she didn't get in from work until 5am this morning-her schedule is super sleepy for us, because we (the cats and I) sleep when she sleeps-and she slept from 5am until 12:30, but we also slept all night. So I am very well rested right now!

My petsitter took me to play last night at the tennis courts. I didn't find any additional balls. but mom says I have too many tennis balls. Can you have too many tennis balls??

I think I'm going for a bunny run later this evening and then sheep herding tomorrow. Even though mom is working long hours she still makes time for me!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Thursday of mom and my petsitter

Mom got to spend about half the day with me today-she's on splits which means she left for work about 11:30am. So we were able to go on a run this morning, 3.1 miles, and then mom went to work. But like always she left me a Kong! Yummy! My petsitter came in around 6:30pm and took me to the tennis courts to play and hunt for more tennis balls! And then mom was home from work around 3am-and slept until 11am today(friday). We're not used to mom's crazy schedule yet....and it will be crazy again today!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday and mom's at work so i will play

While mom was at work today, my petsitter took me out to play! I had a very exciting time out-I met a new puggle puppy named Lucky and I scored and took home 3 tennis balls! A pretty nice haul for a quick trip! As you can see-if I could put them all in my mouth I would!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday while mom was at work....

Another day without mom. She's working bringing in the bacon! But my petsitter always comes in to let me out to do my business and play! And then she gives me a kong when she leaves-mom puts them in the freezer in the morning so they last a nice long time! Mom would like to give credit to Au Pair Pet Care for the picture!!!

Mom is going to work, Again!

Mom is off for day #2 of the tv show she's working on called Women's Murder Club. She worked a long day yesterday and probably another long day today-but she was determined to let me blog! But I'm sorry if I haven't visited your has been coming home and going to bed, so there isn't much time for me to get on the computer....but i promise on thursday, when mom goes to work at 1pm, I'll get the chance to visit all of my pup pals!!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday and mom worked!

Ok, so mom's crazy work schedule has started again. It usually means she leaves really early in the morning and doesn't get back for about 13 or 14 hours....I'm alone with the cats all day EXCEPT when my wonderful pet sitter comes in the middle of moms workday to take me to play! And I love it! She took this picture of me after playing and sent it to mom! Mom misses me and always wants to know that I'm having a good day!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Hot Easter Sunday

It's Hot and mom doesn't feel good after her run. She doesn't do well in the sun and heat-she needs to live in a rainy climate!! But we went for our run today, and had to stop running after 9.5 miles of the 12 she had planned on running because today is to be the hottest day of the year in Los Angeles! Oh will be a quiet day for mom and I!


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday....

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Ball Time! Mom was up kinda early today and I got alot of ball time before she took one of my kitties to the vet. I think I'll be playing at the park sometime today with my Jolly Ball. mom can't run today because she had her Prolotheraphy done yesterday and she can't run the day after....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bunnies, Lizards, Peacocks oh my!

Mom and I went on a 4.4 mile trail run at Ocean trails-my favorite place! We were a little later than normal, so I didn't see many bunnies-just two-but I saw lots of lizards! they must love the sun and heat! It started getting a bit warm while we were running. Good thing mom brings water for us! We have certain rocks we stop at so she can give me water! Thanks mom! I found shade at the top of the hill from the beach-it's where we can see the clubhouse for Trump National Golf Course. There were alot of dogs on the trail today: 2 poodles, a grey shaggy dog, a golden retriever, and two pits. When we got back to the car I got more water then we saw two peacocks. Mom only took a picture of the male.

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A Good Friday....

Mom is home~off today. We're going for a trail run right now. I can't wait!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Thursday at panavision

Mom went to Panavision to continue her camera prep for Womens Murder Club and I got to go yet again. While we were there, a movie was on one of the stages shooting re-shoots~so there were lots of people around! And some stars were there too! Guess who I got to meet and who petted me? Kate Beckinsdale. She called my name and everything. She thought my fur was really soft!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Exhausting Tuesday with Mom

Mom has the day off today, so we went for a run. Since I've been training with mom for a long time now, she took me on her long run today. She went slower than she would have, stopped alot to let me pee and drink water and we walked some- it was all about making sure I was ok! I have a really nice mom! We ran 11.2 wishes she had gotten up earlier so it wasn't as warm on our run. But we ran it and now we are both relaxing!!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Another day at work with Mom

Mom went to Panavision again today to continue her camera prep for the movie that Tim Allen is directing. We were there all day long(from 8am until 6:30pm) but mom did take me for a run this morning. She woke up at 4:55 so we could get some exercise before jumping in the car and sitting in traffic for an hour and a half. We're tired now! I didn't get to nap at all today!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ASCA Trial in Acton, CA held by the West Coast Australian Shepherd Association

Mom and I woke up today,the sun was blaring into the house, and went for a 3.5 mile run. I knew something was up-either mom was working or we were going somewhere...and iw as right. She loaded up food and water and me, of course, into the car, and we drove 1 1/2 hours to Acton, CA for an ASCA herding Trial. I was very excited-I knew I was going to see sheep! Well is aw shhep and I saw cattle! I didn't get to work cattle but one day soon I will! Well, Mom and I entered the ASCA Started course B with Sheep. It is the first time we've done an ASCA trail. it's different than an AKC Trial. ASCA looks more at the dog, AKC looks at the shhep. Well, mom and I went~she thought i was a bit rambunctious, but I moved the sheep around fairly well. We made all the obstacles-I missed 3 sheep thru one of the gates, but all in all I was a good herding dog! Of course we had an added obstacle today-SNOW!!!! Yes, the wet, cold, white stuff was falling down. I've never been in falling snow-it kept landing on my face! And it was kinda cold. It really snowed while we were out on our trial. Mom didn't have gloves-silly mom-so i think she got pretty cold. Her excuse was that we live in California, and who would have thunk that it would snow today!!! Guess what mom, it did! But we finished our run in the snow and waited around to watch the rest of the cattle runs(I want to herd cattle!) and the duck runs-mom doesn't think I'd be too good at ducks. After all the runs were completed, they had the awards ceremony....and to mom's surprise, I got 2nd place!!! Mom was handed a red 2nd place ribbon for me!!! I received a score of 75 and the judge added a comment to my score sheet that read " Nice run. With Time and practice things will settle down more. You have a wonderful dog"...well of course I'm wonderful!!! I know that, mom knows alot more people know that!!!

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Another trip to Panavision with Mom

I got to go to work with mom again today! This time she was prepping for a feature that Tim Allen(from Home Improvement) is directing. She wont be working on the movie-she was just helping out a fellow 1st AC...but because she was working at panavision~ I got to go with her....and this time we were in a room. I'm not used to rooms-I'm usually out on the prep room floor where I can see everyone and everything that is going on! But not today! But it was still nice being with mom!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Bunny Run....

Well when mom and I got home from"work" we went on our 4.3 mile trail run, otherwise known as a Bunny Run....we always see bunnies on the way back from the beach...and guess what. We saw BUNNIES!! I still haven't come close to catching one~but they are fun to chase! Near the very end of our run, when it was almost dark, I saw another bunny-but this one was funny lloking, it was black and white. I started to chase after it and it's big tail, but mom yelled at me to stop! I don't know why she all of a sudden doesn't want me chasing the black and white bunny!!!

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I got to go to work with mom today!

I got to go to work with mom. She was prepping a camera at Panavision and I joined her. Everyone loves me there! I was so excited when we drove into the parking lot because I knew I was going to see lots of people and get lots of treats and of course spend the day with mom while she was working!!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

I saw 2 Bunnies!!

Mom and I went on a trail run, got 4.3 miles in at Ocean Trails. I think it's becoming moms favorite place to run! Doesn't bother me because in the middle of the run we go to the beach and I usually get to play with a tennis ball! We always find a ball that's been left by a nice dog....we left one tonight so another dog can play with it!! On the way back to the car, after I romped in the ocean and dug holes in the sand, I saw and chased 2 bunnies! Sunset is definitely the bunny hour! I think that's why mom goes at sunset so I can see bunnies!!!

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A sunny Monday at home

It's monday, it's sunny, it's warm and mom is here! That means we will probably go for a run around sunset so i can chase bunnies! But right now I'm in charge of the kitties! I patrol the house, when they move, I move.....

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day #2 at the Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles AKC Trial at Bel Canto Ranch Lancaster, CA

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Well mom and I went out to Bel Canto Ranch again today for Day #2 of the AKC Trial. We drove up and guess who was there? My petsitter!!! She had travelled 1 1/2 hours to see my herding trial. We were very excited! Mom said she hoped I did ok.....well we waited alot longer today than we did yesterday! We didn't start until about 1:30...alot of sitting around. At least mom and I ran this morning before driving up to the desert. Well, the Started class began with a BANG! The first 3 dogs retired before finishing their runs, the next dog ran all over the place while running the sheep and got a NQ and then I was up. Mom said the sheep demon invaded my body because all I wanted to do was get in there on the sheep-I ran them the entire course and barked at them the entire course. Mom was exhausted when we came out-so was I!!! But I don't think mom was too happy with our run! But I had fun!!! She said I wasn't as calm as yesterday. Well you can't be perfect all of the time!!!

Thanks to SF for the wonderful pictures!!! And thank you so much for driving all that way to see me!!! I'm sorry I didn't get a green ribbon while you were watching!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Border Collie Club of Greater Los Angeles AKC Herding Trial, Day #1 Course A Started

Mom got up kinda early this morning~I knew something was up becayse she had been packing bags and a cooler the night before. I didn't know what was going on, so after mom threw the tennis ball to me, I did not eat my breakfast~I didn't want to be left!! Well she packed me intot eh car and took me to the park to play with my Jolly Ball. We only played for about 10 minutes and then we were off again, this time for about an hour and a half drive up to Bel Canto Ranch in Lancaster, CA. It's up in the high desert-the wind was howling, the sun was out and it was dry!! Mom and I and Uncle Scott drank alot of water!! Mom had thought they might started Started around 11am or 11:30am-but the Started class didn't start until after lunch, around 12:30. But once it started it went pretty quickly, and all of a sudden they are calling my number, 310. So mom and I walked into the arena, Uncle Scott was taking pictures of us!! We started off with a so-so outrun, it's the hardest part for me!! But went thru the course nicely~especially considering this was my first attempt at Course A Started. And guess what? I qualified!!!! I got a score of 69 out of 100. Not the best-but there is always room for improvement, and mom learned alot yesterday!! I think she was kinda nervous! I received a pretty green qualifying ribbon! Mom was SO PROUD OF ME!!! She gave me lots of chicken as my special treat!!! I was the only Cattle Dog entered into the trial-most of the dogs were Border Collies or Aussie Shepherds. It was fun and we go back again tomorrow! Lets hope it goes well!!

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Friday, March 7, 2008

A 4.5 mile Sunset Trail Run with mom

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4.5 miles at Ocean trails with mom, and I saw alot of bunnies! Sunset is a good bunny hour! I chased about 8 bunnies-but they are so fast I lose them as soon as they get off the path! But it gives me speed workouts and I get super sleepy! Mom seems to like that!!

My big girl kitty cousin, Saligo, who lived in Tennessee with my granny, passed away today from complications of Renal Failure. She was 19 years old. I had sniffed her butt when I was in Tennessee over Christmas but I don't think she liked me, she tolerated me because I was family! But she was my granny's favorite kitty. And it hasn't been a good 6 months for granny's animals! She's had her 13 year old Great Pyrennes pass away while she was at work, another one her kitties, Zico, passed away from Renal Failure and now Saligo. My mom is having a glass of wine and just wanted to share!!

R.I.P. Saligo 1989-2008

Friday with mom

Mom's home! Mom's home!!!! Woo Hoo! That might mean a bunnie hunt later today around sunset! Becuase I know she needs and wants to do a long run, and trail running with the bunnies will give her that!!!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

My trip to the Courts with my Petsitter

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Mom said my petsitter emailed her about my day is how my visit went while mom was at work:The outdoor shots of Velcro include a stop at the curb to allowing for the after-school traffic, then a stop at the "secret" dumpster where I deposit the boys' litter. When we arrived at the courts, we found a few of the High School boys hitting balls while waiting for their tennis coach. Since they weren't using one side of the courts, I asked it would be OK if Velcro played until the coach arrived. They were naturally fine with that. Took a photo of one of the boys with Velcro. We finished just before the coach arrived.

When we returned, Velcro was still amped up so I tossed the ball to her for about 10 minutes. She finally ran out of gas, drank water, and munched on the Kong.

Mom is working again today!!

First of all, grandpa left today! He went back to Tennessee-I'm going to miss him because he brings me new toys!! He gave me the little skunk in the pictures from yesterday!!

Mom is working again today! Two days in a row~we're not used to this!!! My pet sitter is coming today, and like every morning when mom goes to work, I get a kong filled with yummy food!!! It's my special treat from mom when she walks out the door. I expect it now~ so every night she fills the kongs and then freezes them overnight so that I have a yummy distraction in the morning!!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An Afternoon with grandpa

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While mom was at work today, I spent the afternoon with grandpa. We went on a couple of walks and he took me to the tennis courts to play with my tennis ball. Grandpa told mom that I picked up the Tennis Ball and headed to the steps after running after the ball alot of times because i wanted to go home!!!

A Trail run thru White Point Nature Preserve

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Mom and I went on a trail run at White Point Nature Preserve last night around sunset. What is it about moms and sunsets?? Unfortunately I didn't see any bunnies! We've never seen bunnies there~but mom didn't have time to take me to the bunnie trail. I did meet lots of dogs who were out on walks with their daddy's.

I get to see my grandpa today! He's taking care of me while mom is at her first day of work!! Yeah mom is working anf yeah I get to see grandpa!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday Tennis Ball

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Tennis Ball...Tennis Ball....Tennis Ball....

I just found out my mom starts working again tomorrow-she's booked on two different tv shows for wednesday and thursday~so I might not get on the computer until she gets home from work tomorrow....but I'm happy mom has work after the WGA strike!!! But I'm going to really miss her during the day!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Trail run at Ocean trails with Mom at sunset!

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Mom and I just got back from a 4.3 mile trail run at Ocean Trails. It's one of moms favorite runs~and mine too! We usually run all the way down to the beach thru Trump National Golf Course. I love it because there are usually lots of bunnies. Lately, I haven't seen any bunnies because it's been too cold-but today I saw my one-and I chased it. I never catch them, but they are fun to chase because they run fast!!!

There were lots of smells on the trails today! I ran into 5 dogs! They were all very nice to me...and I got to play with two little dogs!!!

A sunny Monday

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An early monday morning tennis ball event! Mom got up pretty early this morning-the sun started coming up and it was blasting thru the windows-mom forgot to close the curtains last night. But Winton, one of the kitties, had been crying alot last night~so I think mom just decided enough was enough.

It's a really pretty day today-not a cloud in the sky!! I think we'll be going for a run later~and maybe even a jolly ball jaunt!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday herding in Escondido

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Mom and I went down to Escondido for our started herding practice. We drove past alot of the San Diego County burn areas-lots of color in the burn areas now!

I got one run on my started. I was third up. Mom says I was very excited-I didn't do my outrun great-still not wide enough, and my cross drive wasn't great(I just want to get in there and heel the sheep) but I think it was ok. mom and I go to bel canto Ranch next weekend for our first AKC Started Trial....

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A cool Misty Saturday....

and mom got up early today. Actually she was awake at 5am because the neighbors were moving tables into a van. I was growling at them and mom was pissed that her sleep had been disturbed~but she was up at 6am anyway. I knew something was up because she put on her running stuff. She put food out for me, but I didn't eat it~didn't want her to leave me!! We got into the car and drove~we drove near my old herding site-I thought for a brief moment I was going to see sheep(that will be tomorrow). We stopped in a parking lot with all kinds of runners-mom's at it again-another race!! I didn't get to race with her though-some races think I'll trip the runners!! I would never do that. So mom left me in the car-good thing it was raining and cool! She wasn't gone too long-ok mom isn't the fastest of runners-but she came back to the car after running her 6.2 miles and put my leash on and we were off for MY RUN! I guess we ran some of the course she had just finished. We ran 2 miles down and then turned around and came back! I was ready for more but I think mom was tired. It's the first 10 miler she's done in years!!! I guess that means we'll be hanging at the house when we get back!!!

I did get a special treat when I got home-no not the pictures in front of the pretty flowers! I got yummy chicken! I gobbled it all up!

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