Saturday, May 31, 2008

Please Help Baby Love!!!

Mom just went over to my blogging doggie friend Baby Love and was horrified to read that she's not doing well!!! It seems her shunt has become detached from her brain, Baby Love was born with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain). She's had the surgery once but now she's going to have to have it again! This surgery is not cheap, so Baby Love's wonderful mom has set up an address for donations to help with the cost of the surgery-please donate any amount if you can help her!!! I feel a close bond to Baby Love-us Cattle Dog's stick together!!! Please help my friend!!!

Here is the address for donations:

Baby Love Fundraiser
P.O. Box 692
Rhome, TX 76078

-Velcro has been super busy!I

I'm so bummed Mom hasn't been able to let me blog since monday! I've really missed all my friends! We did get two runs in this week-and of course my petsitter took me to the park everyday! But with mom's long hours-sometimes when she gets home all she wants to do is sleep!!! We did go to the park today with mom and her son so I could play with my Jolly Ball. it was super fun-but she didn't take her camera. That is very unlike mom! But I had fun and that's all that matters!

Hopefully mom and her son will take me on a few bunny runs this weekend! And of course it's herding tomorrow! Here are some pics from my two runs with mom this week. She and I ran 3.51 miles on wednesday and 3.16 miles on thursday. I think mom is tired!!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another sunset run with mom at ocean trails

BUNNIES! yes that's what I saw on tonights run! lots and lots of bunnies!!!! I think mom takes me at sunset so I can see the maximum number of bunnies, because they always seems to be out at sunset! I love our runs. We go to the beach, I chase bunnies, I sometimes find a ball, I chase bunnies, I sniff, pee and poo, I chase bunnies. It's fun! Tiday mom took a picture of me pooing-MOM! You know you can't do that. She said it was because I had a great view behind me! MOM!!!

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Pictures from my sheep herding training....


A sunday of catch ups....


Mom took these pics last weekend-and like a silly forgot to post them. So I've made her post them now because we're going out for a run and it's sunset!

I went herding today-got to see my sheep! Mom and my trainer say I'm doing great! Mom is entering me in a herding trial over the 4th of July i have time to continue practicing!

Mom and I went to Centinela Pet and Feed Supply to buy a few surprises for my International Goodie Exchange pup pal, Mona. i hope she likes what I got her! It was hard buying for a smaller dog than me-all i wanted to get her was tennis balls, but mom reminded me that not all dogs are as ball obsessed as I am!

Ok, now mom and i are going for a run. maybe she'll take more pics and I can post more stuff tonight!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday with mom and a three day weekend!!!!


Mom is home for three days! ok 2 1/2 since she didn't get in from work until 4am today and slept until noon! But she's home and we're going to have so much fun!!!! It's so pretty here right now. It's sunny(yeah I'm not a big fan of the sun) but it's cool so it makes it bearable!! I've had a good week-mom took me on runs everyday! And thursday she took me to the park to play with my tennis ball before she went off to work! I chased a goose-she wasn't too happy! But my herding instincts kicked in!!! I don't know what mom has planned for us this weekend. I know herding tomorrow and probably a bunny trail run at some point! It will just be nice to have mom home-snuggle time with mom weekend! Woo Hoo!

Here is my week in review in pictures:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A morning run with mom

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Mom and I went on a run this morning-and two little dogs barked at me! I don't know why. they bark at me everytime I run past. Maybe it's because they are in a fenced in yard and not running with their mom! We ran 3.3 miles this morning, now mom is off to work!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mom is slacking again!

This work stuff is getting in the way of my blogging! Doesn't mom know that I must blog and keep in touch with my friends??? WOW! It's sunday...and I've had alot to say. I've played at the park all week with my petsitter-I met a girl dog named brittany one day. Mom worked....I's been super hot here this week. I don't like the sun and heat! So mom hasn't really taken me out alot during the day-but I'm going to play with my Jolly Ball tonight when it starts to cool down. Yesterday we drove up to Burbank to see grandpa-it was 99 degrees-it was hot. I'm glad mom and I didn't run! Way too hot. But I did get to play with my tennis ball this morning before it got too hot.....then mom went off to run some silly trail race-and grandpa came to visit me. It's been a very lazy weekend!!!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day bunny run

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Mom and I went on a run tonight-yes it was a bunny run of 4.27 miles! Sunset seems to be the height of bunny activity! Of course I got to see the ocean and sniffed butts with a beagle, but it's the bunnies that i enjoy chasing-even thought I can't catch them! Here is what i see of bunnies

Yes I see their butts-their white butts bouncing most of the time as I'm running after them! they usually dive into the brush and cacti-I chased one into the cacti once-and that was the last time I did that! I had alot of stickeries all over my paws-ouch it hurt!

And then after we ran, mom took me to the park to play with my jolly ball-I get the feeling she's trying to exhaust me! I guess she should since she's leaving for work at 4:30 in the morning!



Sheep! Finally after two weeks of not sheep herding I got to see my sheep today! The sun was out and my class was at 12:30...and boy is my mom proud of me! She said I was wonderful today!!! (It was my mother's day present to her!) Even our trainer, Terry, was kinda impressed! She said maybe I'm lulling mom into a sense of security-in the true cattle dog way! No matter om was thrilled! My outruns were so much better! I was staying back from the sheep! And I didn't bark at them!!! We have another herding trial at the end of the month! So maybe practice will make perfect!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

I woke mom up with a snuggle and a few woffie kisses! I think she liked it! I hope all of you are having a wonderful time with your mommies on their special day! My mom is taking me sheep herding today! I hope it's as special for her as it always is for me!!!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

A trip to Santa Monica with mom

I've had mom all to myself today! We went to the Pet Food Wharehouse to buys lots of food for all of us(the cats included). and then we drove to santa monica so mom could go to her prolotheraphy appointment. Afterwards we went to visit a friend of moms-she has a tennis ball in her house that is just for me! I always hunt it down when I go's usually under her couch. We were there for a few ball throws and then mom and I went home-and then mom got super sleepy. i think it's because she's been working long hours, got in at 3am this morning from work and then had prolotheraphy done on her foot and elbow. So we've stayed in tonight watching movies....I'm using this weekend for cuddles. And then tomorrow I get to go herd sheep!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A fun filled thursday.....

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Well, I had a busy day today. Mom woke up and we went on a 3.1 mile run! I met a few doggies on my run-they were all in yards! We ran all the way up a hill that has been moms nemesis! Way to go mom. When we got back home, mom got ready for work and then she left me! But she always leaves me with a frozen kong! Around 3pm, my petsitter came in-she's been taking me to the park everyday to play with a tennis ball or a big ball. I LOVE it. She sends mom pictures everyday-so mom knows what I'm doing! I think mom gets jealous that she can't spend the days with me!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Peck Park twice in one day!

Mom went to work again~she's working on the TV show Mad Men that's on the cable station AMC(the new season airs the last weekend in July if anyone is interested), so once again my petsitter came in around 1pm and took me to the park to play! Mom came home around 8:30 tonight-and guess what? She took me to peck park to play with my Jolly Ball. I got two park visits in one day!! It's been a good day for me!! Now I'm going to snuggle with mom, get some sleep and go for a run in the morning before mom goes to work again! Good night friends!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Woo Hoo to the Park with my petsitter!

Mom went back to work again today-she's still working on the TV show Mad Men and will until the end of August-so my mid day play times are spent with my petsitter.
She took me to the park today-I had a great time! And I was a sleepy cattle dog when mom got home from work tonight! She was home at 8pm-that's super early! She only worked a 13 hour day today! Woo Hoo mom!!! We got to snuggle on the couch!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A 6.7 mile run with mom

Mom and I went on a 6.7 mile trail run tonight. I think she needed to run after the long week of work she had-and I was very happy to go to Ocean Trails and dusk-for dusk is the Bunny Hour! And I saw lots of bunnies. Mom tries to take pics of the Bunnies-but they always run away before she gets her phone out.....oh well, maybe one day she'll be fast enough. it was a nice night tonight-well nice for mom and I-overcast and cool! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It's back to work for my mom tomorrow, but I'll get to play with my petsitter during the day!!


A sunday Park visit

Mom took me to the park this morning to play with my jolly ball. It's kinda cool and windy here-mom and I LOVE it like this! I think we may go for a run later-but I was super happy to play Jolly Ball!

A sunday morning with mom

Playtime with my balls! Mom has been cleaning and I was so amped up to play that I started playing on her bed!


Friday, May 2, 2008

A Bunny Run at Ocean Trails


Well, mom didn't go to work today until 11am, so she took me on a trail run thru Ocean Trails. We had a great time. It was the first trail run we had done in over a week. The sun was out and it was starting to get warm-so I stayed behind mom and ran in her shadow-until I saw bunnies and then I was off! And it was a jam packed bunny run! The bunnies must like 8am because they were all out! I was exhausted when i got home!!