Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another sunset run with mom at ocean trails

BUNNIES! yes that's what I saw on tonights run! lots and lots of bunnies!!!! I think mom takes me at sunset so I can see the maximum number of bunnies, because they always seems to be out at sunset! I love our runs. We go to the beach, I chase bunnies, I sometimes find a ball, I chase bunnies, I sniff, pee and poo, I chase bunnies. It's fun! Tiday mom took a picture of me pooing-MOM! You know you can't do that. She said it was because I had a great view behind me! MOM!!!

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Pictures from my sheep herding training....



Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Velcro

You have the best place to go for a run ... lots of exploring and little furry things to entertain you! Mum sounds like she was excited with the walk too. I could hear her breathing! ;-)



Toffee said...

I love bunnies!! They are sooooo tasty...I mean they are so cute!
My mom is back from her marathon...she is disappointed because the weather was about 10 degrees warmer than expected and she managed a "personal worst"....she told me not to write about the weather because she said that it has been pretty hot for you two last week.
I hope you had a nice weekend,

Thor said...

Hi Velcro,
Running with your mom in that beautiful place sure is great! Chasing bunnies sounds like so much fun! You´re a lucky!