Sunday, June 29, 2008

I love the weekends with mom!

I love the weekends with mom-because I get to spend them with mom and of course those silly kitties!!! Mom did some cleaning today and played with me!!!! I like the playing with me part! I had a tasty treat this morning-mom made pancakes and I got one! It was yummy!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! This is a short work week for mom, and on friday we'll be heading up to the Sacramento area for a sheep herding trial!!! I think mom is looking forward to getting out of LA!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Shakespeare By the Sea with Mom and Grandpa

Saturday means mom time! And mom and I had alot of time on saturday. She vacuumed and I attacked the vacuum! I love to do that!! And then around 6:30pm we went on a run. It's gotten hot again here in California, so mom and I weren't too happy about running in the sun and heat~because it was still sunny and hot. But we had to do it because we were going somewhere special tonight! So out we went...I was dragging behind mom~she doesn't like that but today she was stopping to walk when she got hot...when we got home I gobbled up water and mom jumped in the shower...where are we going mom??? (Grandpa had come down yesterday, friday, to take me to the park and play-he made dinner on friday night and gave me some!! Spaghetti! Yummy!) So Grandpa was going wherever we were going. Mom loaded us and blankets, chairs and food into the car and we drove a few miles to the park by the ocean! Oh goody! I knew where we were!!! I thought I was going to play with my jollyball, but no I didn't, but there were alot of people in the park!!! I hurried mom, and we started walking to the bandshell-I saw my moms friend walking to us! I hadn't seen her since mom worked on CSI Miami! We were at the park to watch Shakespeare By the Sea!! We do this every summer and I guess it was time to do it again!!! Tonight's play was A Midsummer's Night Dream! There were alot of doggies at the play! I met Ella a golden retriever and I also saw a blue heeler!!! Mom went up to talk to her human-since she doesn't see many heelers here!!! It was a fun night! It got cold so I snuggled in mom's lap! Grandpa took pics of mom and I!!! When we got home at 10:30pm I was sleepy!!! It was night night time!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rest in Peace Baby Love!

Mommy is crying and has been all day since she found out Baby Love had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge! Baby Love was an inspiration to us all! She showed us how to be happy and find joy in the littlest things!

Baby Love you will always be remembered and loved by everyone you touched!!!!

Rest in Peace Baby Love

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A very early morning run with mom


Mom woke up really early this morning and we went on a run! We ran about 3 miles while it was dark! Pictures on a cell phone don't come out great when it's dark! Mom and I did run into a tiny little Chihuahua this morning while on the way back to the house. He was loose and mom was angry! It was 5:30 in the morning and this little dog was out on the streets without a leash!!! Mom nearly took him home with us but then he dashed off somewhere(we think back to his house) so he didn't come home with us-but it still made mom angry that he was out by himself!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A cool Tuesday!

It's so much cooler right now in California! I love this weather because it means I can play longer at the park! Every morning, mom takes me out to play with my tennis ball before she goes to work-this morning it was cool and overcast and I could have played for hours~but mom had to work! I did get to go to the park with my petsitter though!!

Mom is home now and guess what~ I have a tennis ball in my mouth waiting to go outside!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A 9pm run with mom


Mom and I went on a 9pm run tonight. She said something about waiting until it cooled has been hot here so I was happy to not run in the sun and heat. It wasn't cool but it was cooler than it had been during the day. Mom let me roll in the grass a couple of times! There weren't many doggies out-and the ones I did see wanted to bark at me. I don't get it-I don't bark at them!! Oh well. mom goes back to work again early tomorrow it will be a park visit for me tomorrow! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep....

Sunday is sheep day for me! I was supposed to go yesterday to the Dam with the Border Collies, but it was canceled due to the extreme heat here in California. So I went to my normal herding place today. And it was a good day. mom and I started by moving and separating the sheep from the open field to the pen. Mom was calling my flanks and I was working the sheep and moving them to mom so she could put some away. Once we had about 5 sheep, we went out into the open field and mom and I worked on our outruns-once again mom was very happy!!! Our trainer, terry, says our outruns look really good! Once we get the remaining two legs of our Started title (hopefully at the trial in July) we'll be starting to work on driving!! Terry, mom's trainer, says my flanks look pretty good but we'll be working on driving next. It was a good herding day! I got to jump in the cool water in the shade twice and mom hosed me down-I immediately went to roll in the dirt!!!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Long week without mom and a very HOT saturday with Mom

Mom is finally here spending time with me instead of going to her silly job where I can't go!!! I have seen My grandpa twice this week so that's been fun! Here are some pictures from Monday the 16th when it was cooler and he took me to the park:


Of course while mom was at work, my petsitter also came to take me to the park. I'm pretty lucky to have a petsitter and a grandpa who like to spend time with me while mom is slaving away at work.


On friday, Grandpa came down to play with me again! He took me to the park, but unlike Monday when it was cool and overcast, it was HOT HOT HOT and sunny! And I don't like the sun. California has been hit by HOT HOT weather-record heat-and I got to play out in it, but just for a little bit until I found the shade of a palm tree and proceeded to lie down-Grandpa joined me in the shade!

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Today, saturday, I knew mom was home for a few days-but she left early to go run some sort of silly human race. Doesn't she know that we're having record heat in California and that she should just stay at home with me??? Well she finally came home and proceeded to hook up the air conditioner in her bedroom-where we spent most of the afternoon, with the kitties as well, napping. Seems mom got a bit hot out at her run in 92 degree heat! But I took care of her! It's dark now-it's not really cooling off yet. Mom and I have been lounging in the air conditioning. She had wanted to take me to the park to play-but lets face the doggie facts friends, I wouldn't have played much! I'm just happy mom is here to hang out with me!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hi Friends!

Mom has been super busy! She's been given picture to post by my petsitter, from my daily park visits, but she hasn't had the time to upload them!! Poor mom! I think she's going to do that this weekend after the 8K trail race she runs in Pasadena on saturday morning and before we go herding at the Dam with the Border Collies!!

I've been going to the park everyday! It's super hot in California right now!!!! Mom and I just got back from a morning run-we've done two runs this week-both about 3 miles!

Good Luck Baby Love!!!!! Mom and I are thinking of you!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A fun Father's Day

Wow, was my day action packed today!! Mom took me out to play with my tennis ball when she woke up, then I got to go herd sheep. Mom was very happy again with my outruns!! But my trainer says that once I get my started title, we'll have to work on my walk ups-it seems I'm not aggressive enough. Mom says I'm a bit intimidated by the sheep-whatever mom!!! Then we got home and I had a surprise visitor-GRANDPA! He came down today because he's not working tomorrow-so I get to spend all day with my grandpa on monday while mom is working!!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

A fun filled warm friday!


Mom didn't leave for work on friday until 12 noon, so we were able to go for a run! A 3.2 mile run! We ran 3 miles on wednesday as well. Mom is training for another Half Marathon this time in San Francisco in August! We ran thru Averill park which means I see Ducks and Squirrels! I like that part-but the running on friday was hot! It was sunny and hot and mom and I don't like running in that weather-she says something about "what kind of Australian dog am I that doesn't like the heat and sun." I tell her I'm a smart one!!!

Later on that day, after mom had gone to work, my petsitter came and took me to the park! I get a super workout everyday!! We go to the park and she throws the ball! And you know how much I LOVE balls!!

Mom didn't get home this morning from work until a little after 3am. She always takes me out to do my business when she gets home, this time I wanted to play! I had been sleeping so it was time to play! I don't think mom was to keen on throwing the ball at 3:30am!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grandpa and my petsitter!

I had a special surprise yesterday while mom was at work! Grandpa drove down to take me to the park and play! I was very excited! I had to show him the bone I received as part of my international goodie exchange box! then we went to the park and he threw the tennis ball to me!!! And today, my petsitter came to take me to the park-I greeted her with a tennis ball!!! Do you think she got the hint that it was time to play???

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mom must like sunsets!

Yes I think mom likes sunsets because we always seem to go for a run at sunset! Tonight we went to White Point nature preserve. mom had wanted to take me to ocean trails to chase bunnies but we got a late start and she didn't want to be running on the trails at dark....but we got a 4.2 mile run in along the ocean and then into White Point Nature Preserve. I've never seen bunnies there!!!

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Yes, mom and I went herding today like we do every sunday and I was wonderful!!! Mom was so happy and pleased with me!!! She kept saying how I was a good girl!!! I liked that! All I was doing was my outruns-but mom was really excited when i didn't do strafing runs at the sheep! I stayed back and wide-and she was happy! that all it takes to make mom happy? Maybe I'll try again next sunday!!! She was really happy!! And so was my trainer-my trainer said I looked really good! Good enough to invite me out to The Dam on the 21st with all the Border Collies! She says it's a 25 acre wide open area-and mom and I would get to try out my outruns in a much bigger space!!! Wow!

My next herding trial is in Vaca Valley on the 5th and 6th of July. Mom got the confirmation email so we're in. I'll have to have mom book a hotel room soon!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Goodies from the International Goodie Exchange!

Thanks Rusty! I love my goodies! Mom let me open the package friday morning around 2am but she couldn't post the pictures until today since she worked all friday night and has been sleeping most of the day!!! I chewed on the bones and ate one of the Jerky Tenders that night, I'm having another one right now-they are yummy! The new stuffie was chewed on almost immediately and slept with mom and I on friday! I haven't opened the busy bones yet...but I will. I sniff at all of the unopened goodies! Now that it's the weekend, mom will be more open to giving me treats since she's worked all week!

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Today, saturday, I took my new stuffie outside into the sunlight where I could shake it and chew it and soak up some rays all at the same time!!! I don't think my stuffie enjoyed being flipped and stepped on-but I enjoyed it! It's my stuffie! And I'll eventually get to the squeaky part of the stuffie and de-stuff it!Just give me time!

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I don't know what mom and I are going to do today! She just woke up at 3pm. She got in from work at 6:30am! So it's been a napping sort of day for me! Maybe mom will take me to the park???? At least she is home today and tomorrow spending time with me!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Yikes! It's late, or early or both!

It's 1:50am and mom just got home from work! She of course took me out! And I had a ball in my mouth. mom threw it a few times-while we were out I saw one of the neighborhood cats, he was just sitting in the yard. He didn't hiss at me or anything!!!

Guess what arrived today!??? My International Goodie Exchange from Rusty! I'm so excited. but mom wont let me open it until saturday because she wants to take pics and watch me play with my new stuff!! So I have to sit and wait knowing that there is a box of goodies waiting for me! UGH!!! It's just not fair! But I guess since mom is working such crazy hours...I'll let it slide and wait until saturday!!! Now we must go to bed!!!


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wednesday and it's past midnight-shouldn't I be asleep???

Mom...what am I doing up this late! I should be getting my beauty sleep ! Obviously, mom worked late tonight!! My petsitter came in and took me to the park today-I was stalking squirrels! She sent mom pictures, but silly mom forgot to send them from her phone to her email. Maybe tomorrow she'll post my park/squirrel pictures! So all you get to see tonight is me lounging on moms bed!!! Thats' where I need to be now!! Mom goes to work later tomorrow-so we will get to go for a run! And friday she's working all night-who am I going to snuggle in bed with???

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Woo Hoo Sunset at the Park!

Mom got home early tonight-before it was dark!!! So she took me to the park overlooking the ocean to play with my Jolly Ball. I thought we might go for a run since it was early, but mom isn't feeling well so she took me to play with my Jolly Ball instead. Which of course I LOVE!!! Mom got her camera out again-she said something about a beautiful sunset or know how moms are!!! I was so happy to be playing and hanging with mom!

Mom took the Baby Love flyer to work today! She had two people write checks-and hopefully more will donate tomorrow!!! So far $90 from the crew of Mad Men....I'm going to tell mom to work harder because I love Baby Love!!!


An Award

My mom is such a slacker! She forgot to put my award up! Thanks to Thor who gave me this wonderful award!!! Thanks so very much!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

A run at ocean trails with mom and the human pup

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I was taken for a run with mom and her son tonight. We had a wonderful time at Ocean Trails...I found a ball at the beach!!! And I chased bunnies! And of course we ran 4.16 miles. It doesn't get much better than that! I don't think mom is feeling 100%-she ran a bit slower than normal and complained about a headache...but she knew I needed to chase bunnies before she starts her 4 days of work so we went to the ocean! I love my mom and I love her human pup!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A sunday at home with mom and her human son

Yes it was a fun-filled sunday! Mom got up pretty early today-her phone blipped with a text message-she checked it and then turned on the tv. It seems a fire had brocken out on the Universal backlot. Mom has worked on that lot alot, and her brother is shooting a movie on the lot right now. Everyone was ok and now mom was up. I tried to get her out of bed by flinging tennis balls at her....but she wouldn't budge. But when mom took me out for a trip it was to go herding!!! Woo Hoo! I was pretty good except for my initial outrun. On the first outrun mom says I do strafing runs at the sheep-after the first one I calm down and stay wide! So mom was told by our trainer that i need to nip that behavior in the bud-fast! Especially since I have a herding trial in a month!!

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Later on in the evening mom and her human child took me for a run at White Point nature preserve! It was fun-I chased after the human...but kept my eye on mom! We ran 3.03 miles per moms garmin! It got dark while we were running but I didn't see any
bunnies! BOO!

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