Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My mom!

My mom!! She took me out for a run this morning even though her right hamstring is still bothering her! Because she knows I need exercise before she leaves for work! Mom came home early from work tonight! So we got to hang out! She's going to bed now and doesn't start work until 12:30pm tomorrow!!! At least i'll get to see her in the morning!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We had an earthquake today! We had an earthquake today! Mom was at work when it happened! I don't know what happened but my petsitter arrived earlier than normal today-hmmm...she caught me napping on moms bed! Mom was worried about us because of the 5.4 earthquake-so she called our petsitter to come in early to check on us-come on mom, we were fine! As a matter of fact, I was so fine that I went back to sleep after the event!!! I did get to go to the park though! I had fun, chased my tennis ball and then came home and had a kong and slept more!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Why are weekends so short???

Why are my weekends with my mom so short? All i want to do is hang out with mom and play-but she can only do that saturday and sunday!!! What if I want to do it during the week!!!?? I guess I'm a lucky dog! I do have a pet sitter that takes me to the park everyday!!!! It might be more than other doggies get! SO I guess I can't really complain. But it sure would be nice to have mom here everyday! maybe I can find her a job so she can work out of her house....I wonder what mom could do!?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Herding at the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area

Mom and I went herding today! We drove past our normal spot-I wasn't sure what was going on...we drove and drove and drove into an area with water and loads of people! And then all of a sudden I saw the "trailer"...SHEEP are here!!!! Itw as hot today but luckily there was shade and mom brought lots of water! We spent about an hour herding! I got two runs in with the sheep in the open field! It was so much fun!!!! Mom said I was great! And my driving is improving!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A lazy saturday!

It's a lazy saturday for mom and I! Mom is tired so we just hung out at the house most of the day!! I did get to run errands with her! It's always fun to hang with mom-even if it's just to run errands!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday is a fun day at the Park

Once again, Mom left for work today without giving me a run! She has told me that she needs to take at least this week off to give her body a rest! Us dogs don't need rest!! What is this rest stuff??? But I love mom so I'll let her do this for a week-but next week she had better be ready to take me on my morning runs!!!

But like every work day, my petsitter came in to take me to the park-she always sends mom a picture-makes my mom smile while working her long hours! Today, she got something extra special from my petsitter! A small video of me at the park!!! Mom thinks technology rocks!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My tuesday....

Mom is working again-and we haven't gone for a run since sunday night. She had her long run on sunday night, 7.66 miles, but woke up monday morning hurting and in pain-seems she's hurt something called her hamstring-so no runs for me right now. SO I'm looking forward to my visits with my pet sitter!!! I always get to go to the park with my tennis ball!!!

Mom also is having issues with her photo sharing. Bubbleshare has alot of technical difficulties so she was looking for another-but she's not happy with the others-I guess it will be something she'll work on this weekend!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! I hope to visit everyone soon!!! Mom's work schedule SUCKS!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A saturday walk and dinner with my Grandpa!

Mom and I had a visit from grandpa today! He's going out of town to work so he came down a day early to hang with me! We went for a walk in White Point Nature Preserve-it used to be a military place with really big guns! Grandpa says it was part of Ft McArthur. After our 2 mile walk, we went to get chinese food. Mom and I hung outside while waiting for the food! I got a little taste! It was yummy!!

My Cole Valley Dog treats arrived today!!


Look what mom got me!!!! Treats from Cole Valley Dog treats! It's Baby Love's mom, Suzanne, new Dog Treat comapny. And boy are the treats yummy! I've already gobbled up the Turkey Jerky and the Eat Your Veggies and the PB Goodness. Mom said I can't have anymore treats until I eat my dinner! But they are yummy!!!!

Saturday teeth cleaning......

Hmmm....I wasn't expecting this today! Mom got home from work around 1:30 am this morning. She stayed up and played a bit with me then she went to sleep-but woke up earlier than Iw as expecting. What's up mom? Why aren't you sleeping in? She put my harness on and we got in the car-a trip! Yippee!!! We stopped by the post office to pick up a package for me!!! My Cole Valley treats arrived from Baby Love's mom, Suzanne, and her new dog treat company, Cole Valley Treats. Mom opened the package and gave me a Turkey Jerky Treat-ate it up! And I wanted another! But I didn't get one. I thought we were heading home but NO! We arrived at Angels K9 spa...I've never been to a K9 spa-there were alot of dogs there-little dogs-hmmm.... what's going on here. Mom handed me over to Michela and I went back into the back. 30 minutes later, Michela called my mom-she said she was unable to clean my teeth. She said that I cried alot! So Mom came back in. They decided that they were going to try again-this time with mom helping. At this point I had had enough-but mom was there so it was a little better! Mom laid me down in Michela's lap and held my head and kinda laid on my body! I cried a bit when she did this but then I stopped-after all mom was here with me! Michela took out what looked like an instrument of torture!!! It had a sharp point on the end and she and mom opened my mouth and all of a sudden this instrument of torture was scraping tartar off my teeth! What if I wanted to keep my tartar! It is mine after all!!! Stop with the instrument of torture... wait a minute, this isn't hurting! Mom is saying soothing words-this isn't so bad! It only took about 30 minutes-and mom was there the entire time! When Michela finished mom was so happy! She said I was such a good girl! We went out front, mom paid the $100 and I got another of my yummy Turkey Jerky treats from Cole Valley Dog treats for being such a good girl! Mom forgot to take before pics-but she got after pics! My teeth are so white and clean now!!! Mom was very pleased with the teeth cleaning by Canine Care(1-800-242-9966). She thinks they might only be in California, but she said my teeth are so much nicer! I don't know what was wrong with my teeth before! They are my teeth mom don't talk bad about them!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A busy few days....

Hi all. Mom just got home from work at it's almost 1am-YIKES! But she wanted to post some pictures for me! We've been able to go on a few runs before she's gone to work and of course I've had trips to the park with my petsitter!! I really enjoy my days-but I do miss mom. Thank goodness she only has one more day of work and then she's mine this weekend!!!

Mom seemed really happy today when she got back from work. It seems the television show she works on, Mad Men, received 16 Emmy nominations! She told me that everyone at work was VERY HAPPY and EXCITED!!! Wow 16! That's alot!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Another monday with Mom at work!

Once again it's monday and that means mom goes to work on her TV show "Mad Men" and I stay at home! But I always get a visitor, either my petsitter or my grandpa. And today it was my petsitter. She took me to the park to play with my tennis ball! Of course I get sleepy afterwards and nap until mom gets home!

When mom got home we went on a short walk! I was so happy to see her I jumped into her lap when she went to the bathroom!!!

Now it's night night time! I'm sorry I didn't get to visit my friends tonight. mom said something about being very sleepy! Whatever!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Herding and ice cream and running oh my!

Mom and I went for our herding training today at noon-it was pretty hot! Iw as in charge of swapping out the sheep today! I took the sheep that had been working during the morning and put them in the pen, then I took the sheep, that were in the goat pen, and moved them into the open field and then I got to work with them! My outruns look good and mom and I are beginning to work on driving!! I was hot after working so I jumped into the water pool, and mom soaked me with a hose! Of course after that I had to roll in the dirt!! It was great fun!

While we were driving home, mom decided we needed a special treat since it was hot! We stopped by Port Town gelato and she and I got an ice cream! The owner is a dog person-she used to have 16 acres of land and was a boxer breeder but now she's just a dog lover! Port Town Gelato has a dog water bowl outside and thought it was wonderful that mom was getting me an ice cream! She softened it up and tried to take the chill out of it and put it in a special dish just for me!! Mom and I sat outside and ate our ice cream! What a special treat!!

We came home and took a nap! It was hot! When mom woke up, she said we were going for a run! The sun was setting and it was cool and a bit windy. I was wondering where we'd go for a run...I hoped it would be the bunny place and I was right! We went for a 5 mile bunny run! It was the perfect bunny hour-sunset and I saw lots of bunnies and lots of other dogs out for runs with their mommies!

I had a wonderful sunday with my mom!

Name meme Tag....

Mitch tagged me to play the name meme tag.

What is your name? Velcro

If you could change your name what would it be? I don't think I'd ever change my name-it means too much to me and my mom! But if I could change it I guess I'd be Tennis Ball!

What is your pet's name (it can be a webkinz or a real pet)? Well-I have 3 cats, are they pets? They sure wouldn't like to hear me calling them pets! Their names are Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf

If you could change your pet's name what would it be?! I couldn't change their names-Winton would beat me up!

What is your brother or sisters name? I don't have a brother or sister-but mom has a human bi-ped? The G-man

If you could change their name what would it be? Yikes-he's older than me-I couldn't do that!

Now tag as many people as letters in your new name for yourself. Well, I changed my name to something silly and long and I'd be here for days tagging people with my silly name Tennis Ball but here is who I want to tag! My friends- Sparky, Gus, Louie and Callie and Charlie Daniels!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Park visits while mom works....

Everyday mom goes to work, 7 hours later I get to go to the park! LAtely i've been going to the park around 7pm, since mom is working these silly hours! She leaves the house around noon and isn't back until 3am! But I have fun at the park, playing with my petsitter and my Tennis Ball!! And then I get to snuggle in with mom from 4am until 10am! As a matter of fact, all of us, the cats included, have been snuggling with mom while she's been working these funky hours!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday with mom....

Mom's young bi-ped left early this morning-she woke up to get him ready...then she went back to bed since she goes to work at 1pm today(she'll probably work until 2am). When she woke up she took me for a 3.3 mile run...I don't think mom was happy about the weather we ran in today-it's not her favorite nor is it mine! It's hot and sunny here, California is in the midst of another heat wave and mom and I were out running in it! What a silly human she is! But I did get to see my Dalmatian friend-well actually I don't know if he's a friend because he barks at me every time we run past his house! Now I'm lounging on the cool floors. We just had someone come and knock on our door-I growled and barked at the lady!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

My visit to the University of California at Davis-the day after the Herding Trial


Mom, the young bi-ped and I went to UC Davis on sunday before leaving for Los Angeles. mom had always wanted to see the town and the University-it's got a great vet school! So we wandered around! I had fun-lots of smells especially in the arboretum. I saw a turtle coming out of the water-I looked at it, it looked at me and it raced into the water! It was scared of me-and it moved FAST! We never knew a turtle could move that fast!

When we got to the town of Davis, I saw lots of seems to be a bike town! And a dog friendly town. Mom went inside an antique store and I was allowed to go in!! I was very good!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pictures from the Vaca Valley Stockdog Club AKC Herding Trial July 5th 2008


I hope you like my pictures of my saturday trial with my mom! My mom's bi-ped took some of them.....we had a really nice trip!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Vaca Valley Stockdog Herding Trial Vacaville, CA

Mom woke me up super early this morning! 4:30am. I thought, is mom working today? But she wasn't because I got in the car with her and her young bi-ped. We drove far! 6 1/2 hours in the car today and arrived at a new herding site that i had never been to or seen. We got here around 12:15 and we waited and waited. It was SUPER hot! Mom would occasionally put the car ac on, but she had shade up in the car, all the doors open and we waited for wind! Finally, around 3pm, the Started class began. my number was 307, which meant I went 7th out of 15 dogs. I was the only Cattle Dog in the Trial! It was primarily border collies and Australian shepherds. I think my mom was very nervous when we went in! The sheep were being pretty light and alot of dogs before me were having a hard time! Mom really wanted us to do a nice run since we drove so far! I followed mom into the arena off leash and she set me at my cone. mom walked forward to her cone and the sheep were set out. The first set of sheep darted half way up the arena, so mom asked for new sheep! And we got new sheep. When we were ready, mom sent me on my outrun-she said get back and awee and I was off, running wide in a trail for the first time ever! I think mom was kinda happy! I was behind the sheep now (I did bark a couple of times on the outrun but stopped after that!) Mom and the sheep rounded the cone and headed for the Y chute-I balanced nicely and the sheep went thru, then we headed to the z chute and once again mom and i were in the right position. The next obstacle was the runway panel-the sheep walk between the panel and the fence and mom and I are on the outside of it. The sheep were good and went thru. Now was the hard part. The sheep usually dart for the re-pen gate after the runway panel-but not with us. We walked down to the number 4 and turned to walk across the field thru the two panels and then we headed for the number 5 on the fence. You have to get within 12 feet of the two numbers and we did!! All that was left was a hold at the re-pen gate and the re-pen! I held the sheep while mom fumbled with the gate-silly mom! But the sheep went in and we were DONE! Mom was so excited! She kept saying what a good girl I was and giving me my good girl pats! We got to the gate, put my leash on and walked out! FINISHED! And everyone was clapping! Alot of people came up to mom and said what a great run we had! Mom was beaming! I was tired! Mom knew we had qualified-she could just feel it, but had no idea what was to come! After everyone had run, we had the awards ceremony! They handed out the qualifiers first and then moved onto the places, hey called out 5th place-not me, 4th place-not me, 3rd place-not me, by this time mom was beginning to lose her cookies! She said to her young bi-ped, "could she possibly have placed 2nd?" and then they called out 2nd place-"the ACD #307"...hey that's me!!!! Woo Hoo!!! The judge said we had a great run and that my mom had a great dog!!! Of course I'm a great dog! A cattle Dog takes 2nd place in a Trial in Northern California!!!! Woo Hoo! Mom and the young bi-ped took pics at the trial while we were working the sheep but mom will have to wait to upload those when we get back home-but mom really wanted to show my ribbons off! Aren't moms silly??

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Mom is home so I'm happy! We drove down to Escondido today to get a herding training session in before heading up north for my herding trial! My class, Started Sheep, is last up tomorrow, so mom, her son and I are leaving super early tomorrow morning for the long drive! Keep your paws crossed that I listen to mom's "get back" order!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Well, guess and I ran again this morning! She woke me up at 5am and she fed the cats and off we went for our 3 mile morning run. I started off leash-but then mom put me on leash. She says I stay too far behind when I'm off leash and that she doesn't like that when we are running on the sidewalk. It's fine when we are trail running. When mom left for work she gave me a kong filled with yummy goodness and she said something different...that I was going to get a surprise in a few hours...what could that be mom???

Well around noon I found out what my surprise was!!! My Grandpa arrived and so did my mom's son!!! I had two people to play with and hang out with today!! Grandpa made lunch first of all-some sort of smelly sausage which I was lucky enough to sample! It was delicious! And then after our food digested, we went to the park and the 17 year old human threw the tennis ball to me! It was such a pretty day down by the ocean! I didn't miss mom at all! Ok maybe I did!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday means a run and playing at the park!

Mom and I went out for a run this morning-another early morning 3 mile jaunt around the neighborhood! It was a sunny day and mom was a bit tired, at least for the first mile and then we really began to run! After we got home, mom went to work and I slept! I had dreams of tennis balls-new ones, old ones it doesn't matter! I had found one on my run and I knew I'd be playing with one when my petsitter came to take me to the park!!! And I was right!!! Mom says I'd be happy with a tennis ball in my mouth 24/ she making fun of me?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's July!!!

It's July and it's hot! Mom and I got up really early this morning-she had to get a run in before it got sunny and warm! And run we did before she left for work! Like usual, I had dogs barking at me!! I never bark back but that doesn't mean i don't notice them!!! Mom and I ran 3.25 miles and then she left for work. Around lunchtime, my petsitter came in and took me to the park. She told mom I spent half the time resting in the shade!!!