Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Lazy Sunday....

Mom has a new camera-so she's really getting into taking pictures of all of us!!! Here are some from this morning when we went out to play with my tennis ball. mom made me pose!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lazy Saturday with mom

Lazy saturday-mom slept until 9:30am! What a slug mom is! And then she just laid on her bed watching a silly football game-she was screaming at her tv and it didn't even work because her Tennessee Vols lost-she yelled something about they suck...I thought she was yelling at me, but she told me she wasn't yelling at me! Whoo! I hope every doggie is having a nice weekend! It's very hot here in southern cal.....keep you fingers crossed for Kathyrn and Ari. Hurricane Kyle is heading towards Maine.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Mom took me to Ocean Trails this morning for a Bunny run...but there weren't many bunnies out today. I saw one bunny! Thatw as it! Why weren't they around today? Was it too late? will have to wake up earlier and take me to Ocean Trails when the bunnies are out! But it was fun! I got to run into the bushes looking for bunnies!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Park mania!

My petsitter came in twice today!! Mom left the house super early this morning-5am, so I had a 11:30am park visit and then a 5:30pm park visit. You see it seems the new kitty-Blossom-is getting "fixed" tomorrow, so she's not supposed to eat after 6pm. So because mom was working and Blossom couldn't eat, I got an extra park visit! How excited am I!!! Maybe Blossom should be "fixed" everyday so i can get an extra park visit everyday!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mommy is disgusted!

Mommy has been on the Best Friends website and the Humane Society of the US website..... the Best friends website said that as many as 50% of the evacuees of Hurricane Ike left/abandoned their pets after the numerous warnings that if anyone stayed they would die! Many animals have been saved by rescuers but many have been found DEAD because people didn't take their animals with them!!! Mom and I don't understand why ANYONE would do this!! Especially since new legislation had been passed after Katrina in New Orleans because so many people wouldn't leave without their pets or had left their pets.....why would people leave their pets when they were allowed to take them!!??? WHY? 

An Award...

Thank you Rusty for this wonderful award!! I feel honored that I'm one of your best bud's!! Thank you!!! I'd like to pass this award to Gus, Louie and Callie because they are wonderful heelers and I bet if we ever met we'd be best buds!!

a 4 mile morning run with mom

Mom and I just got back from a sunny warm 4 mile run!! Luckily mom took water with us-she always shares her water with me. We ran around the LA harbor area today. I got to see big ships and cranes and fishing boats. It was a fun run except for the sun that started heating both of us up! But we made it home before it got too hot and I got my yummy breakfast! Now mom is preparing to watch her Tennessee Volunteers play Florida in football. I hope everyone ahs a fun saturday with their humans!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

A day at Panavision with mom

Mom went to Panavision in Woodland Hills again to prep a camera for the tv show Navy NCIS. She likes working on this show-the crew are super nice and the cast is wonderful!! That helps because mom has to drive over 60 miles to work on the show. So that's one of the reasons she takes me to work with her at Panavision....we left the house super early. Mom doesn't like sitting in traffic. When we got there I found out I was the only dog there-it was all mine! SO I got everyone's attention! The prep tech threw my ball for me, I got yummy bacon treats. I love going to panavision. The only thing I don't get to do while I'm with mom at work is nap! SO I did that on the drive home!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A late afternoon with mom

Trail run with mom....

Mom woke up early this morning-she didn't have to work today so i get her all to myself! SO I took full advantage of it and wished and wished mom would take me for a bunny run! And guess what?? She did! But there weren't many bunnies today because we started late....the sun was up, it was hot and the bunnies were hiding!!! SIlly bunnies. But we had fun. We ran the trails down to the beach-and I found a tennis ball! It was a hot morning-but mom gave me lots of water and encouragement! As always mom and I had a nice trail run....I'm napping now! Resting while mom types what I told her I wanted written!!! I hope every doggie has a great thursday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

While mom is working.....

I'm playing!!! Mom worked monday and tuesday on two different tv shows so what did I do?? I went to the park and played with my tennis ball! I miss mom when she's working those long hours, but I enjoy my trips to the park with my petsitter! Mom is off today-hopefully we'll do something fun!!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sheep Camp!

Mom woke up late this morning, 9am. She's tired from working!! But I cut her some slack today because she had told me that we were going somewhere special! And at 12 noon we left and got in the car....we drove to Escondido for SHEEP CAMP! 5 hours of sheep, sheep and more sheep!!! I worked alot on my flanks today! My awee's and go by's and my walk ups. My walk ups aren't great-mom says I might be afraid of the sheep, so when sheep needed to be changed in the small arena, mom and I went in to change sheep. She told me to "get them" and I went after them-I nipped a few of the sheep on their heels-it was fun!! Then I'd work in the arena and we'd change sheep again! When we left Escondido to drive back to LA it was almost 7pm and I slept the entire way back!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day at work with mom on her birthday...

Mom went to panavision again today to prep a camera for the TV show Cold Case and she took me with her!!! We were there all day and there was another dog here today, Niko the Rhodesian Ridgeback. I was a good doggie-I didn't growl at Niko at all, but Niko growled and raised her lip at me!! Mom was very proud of me!

I enjoyed spending time with mom on her birthday! But Iw as tired when we went home, and I slept all the way said I crashed out on the backseat!!

Happy Birthday Mom.

Today is my mom's birthday! She was born on 9-11 before it became a horrible day for this country! She still likes her birthday even though it reminds people of alot of sadness. Everytiem she has a birthday she always thinks of the people who lost thier lives! I plan on giving her big slobbery kisses when she takes me with her to panavision! While she was working yesterday on NCIS, I was Squirrel's fun to watch squirrels-they have bushy tails like my cat Blossom-she has a squirrel tail!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My trip to Panavision with mom

I thought when mom finished shooting the season of mad men that I'd have her at home more-but that hasn't happened yet. She's working as much as she was-but at least I get to go to work with her when she preps a camera at Panavision! I love it there! People throw tennis balls to me, I get yummy treats and of course I get to be with mom!! Tomorrow mom is working on Navy NCIS-so I wont be able to go to work with her, but I will on thursday because she'll be at Panavision again!

Monday, September 8, 2008


SHEEP! Mom took me to see my sheep in Escondido. And we stayed and I herded for two hours! I was super tired when we got in the car to drive home! But I had a wonderful time! We've started our training for Course A Intermediate. Mom wasn't walking with the sheep this time!!! I don't know if I like that!! She stayed at the cone and I had to really listen to her commands or the sheep ran back to the hay-the sheep ran back to the hay alot!! We're just beginning! Mom is going to have to get better!!! I got to be pestered by a 4 border collie pups-they were all in my face! I growled a couple of times and they stopped getting in my face, but then they were right back at it. All 4 of them got under moms feet and were chewing her shoelaces-she was laughing so much and tripping-I thought mom was going to fall down and go boom!!!

Trail run with mom....

Yippee mom is home! She came home late last night-around 10:30pm. I was super happy!! We slept in was tired and didn't have to work today! So we've already gone for a trail run! I didn't see any bunnies though-we went to White Point instead of Ocean trails, White Point doesn't have bunnies...but mom didn't want to run super far today! Mom has said we're going somewhere special this afternoon......I wonder where we are going....

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My weekend with Gramps

My mom left town on friday-but I had a visit to the park with my petsitter in the middle of the day! Then my uncle came back on friday night from work and took me for a walk! On saturday, my uncle drove me up to Grandpa where I stayed the weekend! I played and played and played with my tennis balls and my jolly ball! Gramps also took me on walks! I love visiting my Grandpa!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A painting for my mommy's birthday from my nanny....

Mommy took this picture today of a painting my nanny made of ME for my mommy's birthday which is next Thursday the 11th. Look it's a painting of me and my sheep! Mommy LOVES it and will be bringing it back on the plane from Tennessee to show me!!!! Yippee for me!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pictures while mom was working....

Mom spent wednesday and thursday working. She had wanted to take me to work on wednesday when she was wrapping her camera package at panavision but the valley was HOT! She said it was over 100 degrees-way to hot for me! She left me at home so I could take care of the cats and be in 20 degree cooler or more weather! And I'm glad because mom came home miserable!

On thursday we went on a 3 mile run before she went to work....she was working on the TV show Brother's and Sister's. She worked until about 11pm....

Today, she left with a suitcase-I was not happy!!! And she didn't take me!! Luckily I have my petsitter who comes in everyday!! She took these pictures today and yesterday!!

My uncle will be coming home soon and then on saturday I'm going up to spend the weekend with grandpa until mom comes home on sunday....I still can't believe mom didn't take me on her trip with her! Doesn't she know I hate to be left!???

Wednesday, September 3, 2008