Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Ocean Trails run with mom in FOG!

This morning mom took me to ocean trails for a 4 mile run! It was loved it! I loved it too because it was cooler! I met alot of doggies on the trail this morning. I saw Alec, my Aussie Shepherd friend. I also met a black lab who was very nice and then there were a few dogs who barked alot at me!! I don't really pay attention to that because I'm usually on a mission to the beach! We always go to the beach and I always find a tennis ball. Today I found two! Which one should i play with?? I played with both! I made mom throw both of them! We didn't stay too long because mom wanted to finish her run before the sun came out! Me too! I had fun!!

When we got home, mom fed me breakfast! And then I took a nap! Life is good!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sheep Herding

Pictures from TURKEY and Sheep Herding

I had Turkey and Ham!!! It was a yummy Thanksgiving for me!! Since mommy doesn't eat meat she allowed me to have her portion!!! Yeah for mom being a vegetarian-I win!!! So I sat right at grandpa's lap and got my yummy food!!

This past tuesday, mom and I went sheep herding. We spent 1 1/2 hours working with sheep! I had such a good time! grandpa was there so he took pictures!! I can't wait to go again!! I love sheep!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble-Happy Thanksgiving!

It's TURKEY Day!!! Woo hoo!!! I just know I'm going to get Turkey today!!! I can't wait!!

Mom took me for a short run in Long Beach today-she was running a Turkey trot this morning that didn't allow doggies.....but she ran with me first. i love my mom!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US doggie friends!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trouble on a Tuesday?

That silly white and black cat of mine. She is always getting into stuff! She's either attacking my orange cat, clinging to the screen door, racing around the house, knocking stuff off the table-so I'm always on house patrol!! I've always got my eye on her!!

I'll be leaving the house soon-going sheep herding! Woo Hoo! Get to see my sheep!!! Hopefully it doesn't rain!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fountains...

YIKES! Mom took me down to see the new fountains that adorn the Plaza/Gateway walkway at the Cruise ship terminal and Harbor. These fountains were designed by the Bellagio fountain people....I don't know why mom wanted to see them because they made ALOT of noise!! They popped, splashed and I didn't like them!!! And mom wanted me to sit on the edge so she could take a picture?? I think not mom!! We were out for a run and you made me sit in front of popping splashing water?????? Guess again mom!!! No good pics for you!!

Rainy Day Monday

It looks like it might rain here in California. Mom has been cleaning up the house-I'm not too happy about that because I would rather be playing, but at least she's in the house with me!! I think we may go for a run later....she did take me out to play with my tennis ball and of course brought her camera....

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Mom slept in today. She worked really late last night-my uncle took me out last night around 10pm for a walk and then mom took me out when she came back from work around 1am. So I let her sleep in today! When she finally woke up I was very anxious to play!!! I gave her a tennis ball immediately!

My uncle took me out this morning and then mom and I ran an errand and they watch some silly football game...I heard mom cheering Rocky Top or something. All I know was they were stuck in front of the tv until it was finished!! Didn't they know that I wanted to play??

Well I did get to play, with my kitty Blossom!! She and I have alot of fun!

Around 2:30 mom and I drove up to the valley. When we go to the valley I know I'm going to see grandpa...amd we did! Woo Hoo!! I played with my jolly ball in his yard, then mom and I went running along the bike path. I had a great time-lots of smells, lots of new dogs and mom and I got good exercise! We ran 4.1 miles...I was pooped and slept on the way home!!

I hope everyone ha d a nice saturday!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bunnies and the Beach and a Run oh my....

Mom and I went on a sunset Bunny Run at Ocean Trails tonight. Well actually it was still afternoon, time wise, but we ran back in the dark-silly mom doesn't have the sunset time down pat yet! we ran to the beach and I found a tennis ball! Mom threw it a couple of times, but cut it short saying something about running the trails in the'll take care of you and be your eyes!! So I did. I went out in front as the sky was getting darker and darker-of course it was prime bunny hour!! I chased a few...I love to chase bunnies!!

We ran 5.1 miles tonight-mom and I had to come off the trails and finish on the streets since it was dark, so it extended our run a mile more than normal. I think mom was excited about getting a nice long run in though! And I got to play with my tennis ball and chase bunnies and sniff wonderful smells!!! What a great day!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


There are LOTS of fires burning in Southern California right now. There is the fire in Sylmar(about 45 miles from us), Anaheim Hills (about 30 miles from us), Corona (about 90 miles from us) and then there was one in Palos Verdes (which was about 3 miles from us) and all of these fires are burning NOW! It's super smokey-mom has had to close all the windows because the smoke is heavy and was making the house smell!! And we're not even that close to the fires-can you imagine if we were closer!!! The sky is orange, it's smokey, mom has a headache, it smells-good day to stay in and do nothing!!! But mom took pictures when I went out to pee-I posed appropriately!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My day at panavision

I'm exhausted! I spent half the day at panavision (mom was prepping a camera package for Navy NCIS) and I didn't get my nap! I did get my tennis ball thrown ALOT of times and I got yummy snacks!!! I like going to panavision!!! Afterwards, mom and I went to see Grandpa. that's two times this week I've seen my grandpa!!! Then we drove home-I got to nap on our over one hour commute home! And then guess what we did when we got home??? Mom took me for a run! It's time to go to bed!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thank you!!!!

Mom and I wanted to thank every hooman, doggie and kitty who sent us woofs, purrs and condolences!!! They have meant alot to mommy!! Winton was a good kitty-and now he's a ginger Angel kitty.

Yesterday, mom took me to see SHEEP!!!!! Woo hoo! We drove up to the valley to get grandpa-so he could take pictures of ME! And he got to see me work with my sheep for an hour and a half!! I was wonderful! I'm leaving mom's side now and bringing the sheep back to her when they run off!!! It's alot of fun. I also get to bite the hocks of the's kinda fun!!

Afterwards, we drove Grandpa back to the valley and then mom and I went for a 4 mile run along the bike path. It was a very fun-filled day!!!

Thanks mom for letting me see my sheep!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Rest in Peace Winton

It's a sad day in our house. Mom's eyes are leaky!!! She took one of my favorite kitties, Winton, to the vet today. He had been super sick for awhile with renal failure, and today he really took a turn for the worse!! I've been giving mom lots of kisses because she's got those leaky eyes! And she gives me kisses and says she loves me...but my orange kitty friend who used to play with me all the time is now gone!

Rest in Peace Winton. You will be missed!

Winton February 1997?-November 10,2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lazy like sunday morning....

It is cold and windy here! (well cold by California standards!) It was so windy last night-it woke mom and I up!! Mom had to go around the house closing windows! It's still windy today but super clear. When the wind blows it's beautiful in Southern California-because the wind blows all that nasty smog away!!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. We're watching football right now, Go Titans, and then I think I might get to go to the park or on a trail run.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My trip to San Diego...

I'm back in Los Angeles now. We got back around 2pm today. It was a fun-filled but busy mini-vacation for mom and of course me!!! In my last post I told you about the awesome hotel mom had picked! It is the W Hotel in downtown San Diego and they LOVE dogs!!! They'll accept cats too so i guess they love all animals!  This morning mom and I went for a run along the embarcadero. We left the hotel around 6:30am and went to Startbucks-mom had to have her morning tea. Then we walked down to the Embarcadero and sat on a bench so mom could finish her tea before running. She was meeting some of her blogging running friends for a run at I got to run with 4 people today! We ran about 5.6 miles total today. We had stops in between so it wasn't all at once. 

I'm glad to be home but I'm really glad mom took me with her on her mini-vacation! We had fun!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm in San Diego!!!

I got in the car early this morning with mom, my grandpa and my human "brother"...we drove down to San Diego and the humans did "college visits"...whatever that is! All I know is that I walked around some college campus called San Diego State University. After that we got in the car and drove to another college campus, University of San Diego. We were ther until about 4pm when we headed into downtown San Diego. Mom had booked a hotel room at a VERY PET FRIENDLY hotel, The W. We checked into the room and guess what??? They had a dog bed, dog bowl, dog treats in the shape of a W, W poop bags and my favorite-my own tennis ball!!! They also wrote a welcome message to mom and I on the chalk board in the room. Mom is VERY HAPPY so far with the hotel and the way we have all been treated!!! They love animals here and it shows!!! Mom has taken pictures and will upload them when we get back to LA. But if any of you want to travel with your mommy or dad or both...check out the W hotel. Mom found that is was cheaper to book a prepaid room-she saved $100!!!

I like it here!!! Because they like me and I'm with mom!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A nightime rendezvous!

 Mom came home from work tonight at 10pm and took me out to pee.....while we were out, I heard our neighbor whistling....our neighbor is the mom to my boyfriend, Reggie!!! So I ran up to their front door and cried for Reggie to come out and play and he did!!!! We played for about 15 minutes! I was so excited to see him. We haven't had puppy play in a long time!! We rolled on the ground, we pounced on each other and chased each was great fun!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Caught sleeping with the enemy!

Mom and I got home from panavision with plenty of time for her to cast her VOTE!!! My mom voted! I hope everyone else's mom and dad voted as well!!! Then we came home and took a nap. My mom is a bit tired from her super busy schedule, she ate Indian food and laid on the couch with the I decided to nap as well. Well mom took out the flashy box thing and caught me sleeping with the enemy!!!

Vote YES on Prop 2!!

If I could vote, I'd vote YES on Prop 2.....but I can't vote so I'm telling my mom to VOTE YES on Prop 2 and stop animal abuse!!!!! The farm animals should be treated with decency and respect and live in humane conditions just like us dogs!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Woo Hoo mom has finished her month long pilot and has time for ME!

Mom has been working some crazy stupid schedule this entire month-sometimes working 6 days or 7 days a week!!! Today was her last day on the Pilot called "Glee" and now she's MINE!!! Well-she works tomorrow and Wednesday but then she'll have thursday thru monday off!!!! I guess the good thing is mom had been working weekends so I got to hang with my Uncle on the weekends!!!

Today, mom took me to Panavision Hollywood to wrap out the camera packages from the pilot She also took me to lunch with her-we went to a place called Birds in Hollywood. We sat outside. There were firemen that were sitting outside eating as well. In the middle of their lunch they all of a sudden jumped up and ran to their trucks-they really scared me! Because they were running I wanted to chase them but mom grabbed my harness!!! They were racing to an emergency!!

Tomorrow mom and I will be going to Panavision Woodland Hills to prep a camera package for Navy NCIS. I'll have spent time at work with mom two days in a row!!! And then this weekend I think mom, her son and I will be going down to San Diego for a mini vacation. Mom is looking for a dog-friendly hotel to stay in so she can take me!!!! I'm so excited!!!