Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mom is sick....

Mom is sick and has been working alot, but she still took me to the park this morning to play with my Jolly Ball! And I got to go on a 2.3 mile walk on Thursday. Mom has been on the couch or in bed today-so I guess I'm lucky that she's blogging for me!! She doesn't want me to lose touch with all my friends!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An update on Carlsbad and at Panavision with mom

Mom had a great Half Marathon in Carlsbad! She raised over $1800 for Labrador Rescuers (she was the top fundraiser) and had a decent run. She had wanted to run sub 2:30 but ran it in 2:36. And I was there to giver her kisses at miles 6 and 11!! Mom was SO HAPPY to see me each time! And I was so confused that I couldn't run with her! She kept running away from me and leaving me with grandpa! I love grandpa....but I love my mom and want to run with her when she's running!!

Mom worked yesterday. I got to see my petsitter!!! And then today, mom went to Panavision and I got to tag along and help!!! I'm so helpful! Tomorrow she'll be working again and then I think she's off on thursday!!! maybe Jolly ball or trail run?? I hope ever doggie had a wonderful weekend . Mom promises I'll get to visit my friends on thursday or amybe tomoorw night if she's not back super late from work!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm in Carlsbad with my Mom!

Mom is in Carlsbad to run the Half marathon tomorrow! We got to Carlsbad around 1pm and Mom and Grandpa went to the expo-I couldn't go...they didn't allow dogs! Stupid people!! But Mom didn't stay long and then we headed to downtown Carlsbad! Mom and grandpa tasted some wine, I was allowed to go into the wine tasting room! and then we went to see the sunset!!

We're in the hotel now-I'm sleeping!! Wish my mom good luck and if you'd like to donate to her charity for Labrador Rescuers, the link is here:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Tuesday...

Mom received this from my petsitter while she was working....

obama Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ocean Trails with Mom

Mom took me to Ocean trails this morning. I think it was a bit too late and hot for bunnies, but I met lots of doggie friends today! As we were running up the hill, I met my friend Alec-he was with his mommy coming back from a hike. I met a few other doggies along the path toward the beach. Once we started nearing the beach, I started going faster and faster.....and then we headed down the hill. I stopped suddenly, mom was wondering what I was doing, I headed straight toward a grassy area and BAM found a Tennis Ball! Boy do I have the nose to find Tennis Balls. Mom thinks I have a magnet in my nose or's windy and Tennis Balls give off a distinctive smell and I didn't get a wiff of the smell until I had passed it already!

We got to the beach and Mom threw the ball to me. A doggie came and stole my ball, briefly, but his daddy threw it back to me. So mom threw it again! I started getting hot and tired and found a nice cool, wet place where the waves come...but I don't lay down in the water....just the wet sand!

Mom and I contined our run. We ran up hills and met more doggies, beasley was really nice. She was a cocker spaniel. And beasley's mom and my mom were talking for a bit so we got to sniff butts!!

We finally made it to the car. Mom had given me water all along the run, she wears a fuel belt that carries water bottles and she shares water with me! I'm really a lucky dog!!

We stopped at a place called the Corner Store and mom went in toget yummy food and ice cream. She let me lick the ice cream-but then she gobbled it down and we drove home!

We had a fun morning. Running 6 miles and playing at the beach and meeting lots of doggies! I hope everyone else has a great sunday!!!

An Award from Dennis

Dennis the Vizsla gave me this pretty award!!! Thank you so very much!! It's nice to know I have really great friends!! Now I have to pass it on to friends, because friends are so important!!
Heelers Unite!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A run with mom at White Point Nature preserve

Mom took me for a sunset run today at White Point Nature Preserve! We hadn't been there in awhile so it was fun to go back!! I got to sniff all kinds of things and met a few dogs on the trails! Then when we got home I got yummy dinner! It will now be time to go to bed soon and we'll do something fun again tomorrow!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ocean Trails with Mom

Mom took me for a trail run at ocean trails this morning. But I didn't see any bunnies!!! Mom thinks it was a bit too late-we didn't get started until about 9:30am. But there were loads of other doggies out this morning! They were all very nice to me when we met on the path!

Halfway thru our run we got to the beach! And guess what i found? A TENNIS BALL!!! I was so excited! mom threw it to me a bunch of times and then three doggies came down the hill and wanted to play with my ball-I'm not very good at sharing a tennis ball-so mom and I decided it was time to finish our run, since it was getting warmer and warmer. Good thing-because we really noticed the warm weather on the return to the car. Good thing I've learned how to drink out of Mom's water bottle-she always shares her water with me!!

We ran 4 miles today and then I came home to my yummy breakfast and am now going to take a nap!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pictures from this week....

Mom worked alot this week, but she still found time for me! She took me on two runs and then my petsitter took me to the park and then the tennis courts! Mom and I wanted to share the past few days! Mom is off today-she worked super late last night-and she has mentioned a "bunny run" at Ocean trails tonight. I'm pretty excited about that!!!

Also....Mom will be running the Carlsbad Half Marathon for a dog charity, Labrador Rescuers. So far she is the top fundraiser, but she hasn't reached her donation goal. She runs the race on January 25th-without me I might add. She realizes there is a recession but if you can help with any amount of a donation, we are both pretty sure the dogs at Labrador Rescuers sure would be happy about it!! Here is mom's donation page:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mom is working again....

Mom started working again. I got to go with her Monday and today, so my petsitter took me to the park yesterday and she'll take me tomorrow. So it hasn't been too crazy!! Mom and I went on a run this morning-I think she was itching to get out there since we hadn't run since before we left Nashville.

So we're back to our normal routine. I went sheep herding on sunday-it was AWESOME!! I love sheep.

Mom has said she'll let me visit my friends on friday-since she's off...until then. I hope everyone is having a great fun-fileld week! I can't wait to visit everyone!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

We're HOME!!!

We got home last night but Mom was way to tired to blog-she had to sit on the couch, drink wine and eat Chinese food-I don't know what that is about!!

Luckily the drive wasn't too long yesterday! We stopped a number of times to pee. Mom brought out her camera when we stopped at the Flagstaff rest area. It had that cold, wet white stuff again. I really wanted nothing to do with this uncomfortable, cold wet, white stuff-but I obliged mom while she was snapping pictures-and then I made a mad dash to the car! Get me to the warmth!!!

We made it home around 4:15pm. And boy was I happy to be home!! I sniffed everything just to make sure we were in the correst place! I helped mom bring in a few things from the car!! And then we did nothing!

I think I'm going to see my Sheep today! I'm so excited!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

We made it to Holbrook Arizona from Oklahoma City...

Mom drove a long way today! We did make lots of stops on our drive! We went to the Petsmart in Amarillo Texas-the smells in there were awesome! Then we continued driving. We stopped at the New Mexico Welcome Center. They didn't have a dog park like the wonderful east bound I-40 Welcome Center. They did have an enclosed area for dogs that mom took me to-but I immediately got stickeries on my paws-I raced to mom to have her take them off, but then I didn't want to play in there anymore! So we got back in the car and drove more. I was primarily in the front seat but started going into the cat area in the back because Mom's duvet was back there and it's comfy!!! So what did those silly cats do-they started coming up to the front. Mom caught me and Blossom sleeping in the front seat together!

We finally made it to Arizona. Mom had wanted to make Flagstaff, but we stopped in Holbrook instead-it's on Historic Route 66. And mom and I went for a walk on Route 66-and she took my picture!! Route 66 has a really neat sign!!!

I must go to bed now-actually Mom is going to bed! I promise I'll come by and visit everyone when I get home tomorrow!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We're on our way back to Los Angeles...

Mom has been a slacker the past few days-she forgot to let me blog and talk to my friends...and then we got in the car today-so I know I wont get a chance to visit anyone's blog until we get home on Saturday night. But I promise I will because I want to see how everyone celebrated New Years! I ate chicken!! It was yummy!!!

We are in the hotel in Oklahoma City tonight. No dog parks at any welcome centers heading west. Mom did talk to the Oklahoma Welcome Center people to ask about the dog parks!! Mom says tomorrow is our long day.... she hopes to make it somewhere into Arizona. I guess that means I'll be sitting in the car all day long!!!