Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Thursday!

It's still hot here! But I got to go to the park and have just come back from the tennis courts! A double play day!

Mom has one more day of work this week-then she gets to spend the weekend with me!

Mom has been working on the TV show, GLEE since February. The 13 episodes that she has been shooting will be finishing on the 28th July-do youi know what that means? I'll see more of my mom and she'll be able to help me visit all my bloggie doggy friends!!! She won't be working full time-so I'll be seeing a little less of my petsitter but more of my mom! My mom will go back to working on a bunch of other shows and then she'll be back to work on GLEE starting in January!

So I'll soon be able to visit all of you-very soon!!!


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Deefor said...

Hi Velcro
Hope you have a good weekend with your mom. I think she works way too much. It's good she's going to be around more soon.


powder-puff said...

Oh its Great you will get to see more of your mum! It sounds like she works super hard !
Have a great weekend

lotsa love

tula said...

The weekend's almost herah Velcro.. then it's lots of belly rubs, kisses, and playtime with your mommie!

stay cool,

Bruce said...

Hi Velcro...yeah for the upcoming weekend!!! You have to come & visit me cuz there is a picture of you on my blog today!
your friend,
Bruce the cat:)

Amber-Mae said...

Sounds like your Mom has been soooper doooper busy!

Solid Gold Momma