Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm back......

Mr Squirrel I've come back to see you! When mom is working, I get 2 visits a day by my petsitter! I usually only visit you at the park once a day-because I go to the tennis courts to play with my ball. But today I got an additional park visit! So I came to see if you are ready to play chase with me??
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Monday with Mr Squirrel

Mr Squirrel....I see you up in the tree! I haven't seen you in a few days because I've been playing with all the bunnies at Ocean Trails this past weekend! The bunnies play chase with me! Why won't you?
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

At Panavision with Mom

I'm at Panavision again today with mom! She's prepping two HD Genesis cameras for her job, tomorrow, on NCIS. I love coming to Panavision! I get yummy doggy treats and a lot of people come to say hello to me and throw my tennis ball for me!

I usually sleep on the way home because I never nap while I'm at Panavision! So I'll be looking forward to a long nap when we drive home tonight!

Must get back to helping mom!
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Driving home from work

Mom took me to Panavision today! I had a great time playing with my tennis ball the entire day!

We drove home the beach route since it was so hot today! Isn't it pretty?


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Monday, August 24, 2009

I hate these fountains

Mom has been home with me since thursday. She's been busy moving her hooman son into college...but after she moved him in on friday, she was all mine!! of course, I was supposed to be a couch potato because of my paw-which is much better! So we didn't do much on saturday!

But sunday and today mom and I went on some nice runs! And I got to see my boyfriend, Reggie!

Tonight mom and I ran down to the fountains. i don't like the fountains! They spray water up in the air and make noise-but mom seems to like them for some reason!! I'll never understand hoomans sometimes!!

Mom is working the next 4 days, so I'll be going to the park with my petsitter! I told mom I wanted to visit my doggy friends today-but she's been cleaning and getting ready for her busy week. i hope all of you don't forget about me!!!



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another semi-wordless wednesday

Here I am after being in the back with my vet! She inspected my paw and pads and cleaned it out and I cried! My petsitter gave me chicken afterwards! I didn't like going to the vet today!

But it wasn't a foxtail!!

My vet told mom that I have to continue with the Epsom Salt soaks, no running on the trails and I must be a couch potato for a few days! I'm not good at being calm!!!


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Semi-Wordless Wednesday

I have an ouchy on my paw! Mom said it looked like a little boil! My petsitter noticed me limpoing yesterday at the park...I wouldn't let her see my paw but when mom got home from work I had to show it to her and VOILA my ouchy was there looking a tad infected and sore. So I've been getting these paw soaks with hot water and Epsom Salt! I don't like it but I get yummy chicken as a treat! I'm going to the vet today-i don't like going to the vet without mom!!!! I cry!!! I'll try to be a big gir!


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Tongue!'s warm and my tongue is hanging out.....

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Monday, August 17, 2009


Hi friends, it's monday which means I spent a fun filled weekend with mom! She worked last week-and on saturday we were supposed to go sheep herding...but mom had a bit of a "work related accident" on thursday nite.....a 1000' film magazine was accidentally dropped on mom's head and cheek! She came home on thursday. With a sore head and smelling of blood-because her cheek had been bleeding! I gave her lots of kisses! She went to work on friday, but saturday she was very tired and still had a sore head-so she cancelled sheep herding and I took care of her!

We did go for a trail run last nite-mom will hopefully put a post up about our run! I met a lot of doggies last nite!!

I hope all my doggy friends had a great weekend!!



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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another new friend...

I met a new doggie at the park today! Her name is Lexi and she's a red heeler mix! We got along great-until she tried to play with my ball!!!

Maybe I'll meet her again!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Ode to Mr Squirrel

Mr Squirrel

Mr Squirrel why won't you play with me?
I see you at the park
But you won't play with me.
I see you at home
But you won't play with me.
I even see you in my dreams
But you won't play with me.

One day you'll come down from your tree
And see that I'm not as mean as you think!
One day, Mr Squirrel! One day!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

My new friend!

Meet Baxter! He's a one year old Shar-pei/pug mix! Mom took me to the park to play with my Jolly Ball and Baxter was there with his mommy and daddy! He is a nice doggie! He wanted to play-but he's not allowed off the leash yet! We have a play date set for next wed! Mom is working starting tomorrow so I'll be visiting a different park with my petsitter!!


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My weekend....

I love when mom is at home! We do lots of fun things together! Friday night, mom took me to the park to play with my Jolly Ball! I LOVE my jolly ball! I raced all over the field herding my ball! I met a few new doggie friends, a heeler/aussie shepherd mix and a border collie. they were there playing with their balls.

On saturday morning, mom and I went on a bunny run! A 5 mile bunny run! I met lots of doggies on this run and of course we ran to the beach so mom could throw a tennis ball for me! I love my bunny runs!! When we got home, Mom made a chicken specifically for me!! She's made baggies of chicken, carrots and potatos for my dinnerrs. I think mom is going to try to make more fresh dinners for me!!

Sunday was herding morning! Mom packed me into the car and we drove to Phelan. Our training session started at 10:30. It was hot and sunny but I stuck with it as long as my paws could stand. there isn't alot of shade in the desert! We were in the big field today-working on my outruns, fetch, lift and drives! We also worked on penning the ship in a small pen in the middle of the field. It was really taxing on moms brain! She had to really work hard at giving me the correct commands and watching and reading the sheep! She realized, after being told again, to watch the heads of the sheep-their heads tell mom which direction they might go. Silly mom!!

When we got home, mom and I both napped! We had been in the sun and heat for over 2 hours! I, of course, slept on the drive home!

When the sun started going down on sunday, mom put her running stuff on...hmmm, that can only mean a bunny run! And yes, that's where we went! Ocean Trails for another trail run! There are always lots of bunnies around sunset! So I had fun chasing them! I never seem to catch them though! Just like Mr Squirrel, the bunnies don't want to play with me either!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Mr Squirrel!!! Come down and play! I'm at the park with my petsitter-we come here everyday, when mom works! You've seen me before! I bring my tennis ball and play on the grass! It sure would be nice to have a playmate!!

Your friend

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh Mr Squirrel....Mr Squirrel.....

Mr Squirrel, I'm here again! I brought my tennis ball so you could join me in a game of fetch! It's really fun! I bet you'd be really good at it! Won't you come down and play with me?? I think we could be really good friends!

Your friend,

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Monday, August 3, 2009

My weekend with mom....

I had a wonderful weekend with mom! Mom and I slept in late on friday and saturday morning! I let mom sleep a bit since she's been super tired!!!

Saturday, mom and I ran down to the harbor. They have dancing fountains down on the walkway-mom seems to like them but I hate them! They make noise! But i was with mom so all was ok! We had a nice run at sunset! Mom then came home and made a yummy veggie burger and fries. She gave me some fries-I don't eat veggie burgers!

Sunday, we woke up earlier than the past 2 mornings and we jumped into the car and drove and drove....when we drive an hour and a half, I usually figure we're heading to see my sheep-and we were! SHEEP!!!!!

We spent 2 hours sheep herding! it was sunny and hot in the desert! I was searching for shade along the fence lines-mom laughed, but it was hot on my paws! Mom and my trainer, Steve, said I did a great job today! My outruns were pretty good and wide-even the first one out. Normally my first outrun of training is a strafing run as mom calls it! But not today! Mom was also very proud of my ability to bring the sheep back when they escaped to the end of the arena! normally, I don't like to leave mom's side-but I'm getting better and better at moving away from mom and picking up my sheep when they are at the other end of the arena!! That's what has happened in past Intermediate runs when we were at the trials.

We came home and rested! Then as it got later,mom got her running stuff on and we jumped in the car around sunset! We were heading to Ocean Trails! That means BUNNIES!! BUNNIES!!!! I got to chase bunnies and we ran to the beach and I got to play with my tennis ball!!!

It was a great weekend with mom! Mom is off today-maybe we'll go for a run later....maybe playtime at the park with my Jolly Ball?? Mom works tues, wed and thursday and then I have her to myself again!!!