Wednesday, June 30, 2010

wordless wednesday



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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mom Monday

I'm going to start making Monday, Mom Monday, because I love my mom and she loves me!

I've been lucky to have Mom all to my self for the past 2 months. So it's time I honored her!

She feeds me yummy food, plays tennis ball with me, takes me on runs, let's me follow the kitties around the house all day long, let's me sniff kitty butts and the bestest mom thing ever......... **drum roll**........ she takes me to the park almost every night to play with my jolly ball!!!

Yeppers, I have a good mom!



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Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm liking mom's unemployment! We wake up and take my hooman brudder to school, then we come home and watch the world cup. After the first set of matches we go for a run- it's usually sunny by this time so I consume water on the run and then find shade afterwards. Then it's the late worldcup games. Then my day is complete with a jolly ball session at the park! I don't want mom to go back to work- but she really wants and needs work! Silly mom!


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A new Buddy to run with??'s not a doggie brudder or sista! Mom got The Buddy System as a gift and she decided to try it out on me today on our run! I'm not a guinea pig mom!!

Well she seemed to like it. She mumbled something about her hands are now free and maybe she wont get "dog leash elbow" I don't know what that means-was she being mean to me?

I didn't notice anything different. Well, I did notice that it was a little harder for me to flop on the ground and roach whenever I wanted. She said she might get the extension to the leash so that I have more freedom to roach. I think that would be a good idea, Mom. Because it is all about me!!

Mom really like this leash system! She says if you run or walk with your dog it's a must have! Since I don't have a brudder or sista, she doesn't know what it's like with 2 dogs-but she said it was wonderful with me! And we tried it with me running in front of her and running behind her. They have an accessory for my doggie friends that like to chase or lunge at the occasional cat that decides it want to cross your path. it's called the Lunge Buster. We didnt use that today but we have it in case we need it!

Check it out-Mom really likes it and thinks it's worth a try if you want to free up your hands when walking, running, hiking with your bestest friend-us doggies!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Am i the next Supastar??

Whew, I'm exhausted! Mom and I just came back from a photo shoot for the September issue of Runners World. Mom and I were chosen, along with alot of other dogs and their owners, for an article about runners who run with their dogs! Mom had to go thru hair and makeup and wardrobe-not me, I was PERFECT!

After all that fluffing for mom, we went to get our portraits taken. The photographer put is on the back drop and shot pictures of mom and I, just me, just mom and then back to mom and I. Mom said I did a fantastic job and that LOTS of pictures were taken of me! But mom was very nervous! She was much better when she wasn't in front of the camera!

When we were done having our picture taken (and yes, I had a tennis ball with me and had my picture taken with my tennis ball!) we then went to sit on a couch. Seems they were doing a video piece for the website as well. they asked mom all kinds of questions. Mom hopes she didn't sound silly! As soon as the took the microphone off her and the camera was turned off, she felt better and began to talk about me! The cameraman said "that was great, I wish we had been rolling"....maybe I should have told the cameraman that mom doesn't do well in front of the camera!!

We're home now. I'm exhausted. And I'm wondering if I'll be the next Supastar...I guess we wont know until September, if we made it into the article! Mom says she thinks we have a good chance because I'm a cutie cattle dog.....

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Mom and I went on a run tonight at Ocean Trails and I got to chase bunnies!!! Bunnies are alot of fun to chase! I've never caught one....maybe one day!!



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Sunday, June 6, 2010

San Diego Part 2

Well, as you can see, we had quite the camp! Mom made signs and had food and water for me and we were on Friars Rd in San Diego, around mile 14.5 of the full and 15K of the Half, for many hours! Mom kept cheering and cheering. She'd see people she knew and run up to them-I wanted to follow, but I wasnt allowed on the course! I initially thought mom was going to run away from me-but she always came back and gave me kisses!! We had a fun "mini-vacation" in San Diego.

We stayed in the Sheraton Mission valley, which is very pet friendly! There were lots of dogs staying there! I had two Pomeranians bark at me???? The only thing I did not like were the hotel elevators-they did funny things when they came to the floor-I had to get flat on my tummy because they went up and then down really quickly when they landed. After a couple rides, I began to get used to them-but I was happy to say goodbye to the elevators!

We're home now. I'm napping!!!

I hope all my friends had a nice weekend!!

in San Diego

Mom and I are in San Diego cheering for all her running friends running the Rock n Roll San Diego marathon and half marathon! I'm ready to lend doggie support at the 14th mile of the full and about 9.5 of the half! Kisses being given out!

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