Sunday, October 24, 2010

I got muddy and wet today!

Mom and I went on a trail run in the rain!!!! I got wet and muddy! Mom and I had a really good time! We ran 5.61 miles. 5.61 miles of BUNNIES!!!!! The Bunnies were all out playing, it was Bunny Hour (just before the sun sets) and I got to chase alot of them. I didnt catch any though!

We ran to the beach. I saw to black labradors playing with their tennis ball in the water! Water? yuck!!!

I love going to the beach but I do not get into the water! I dig holes in the sand and if it's hot I'll put my paws in the water or lie down at the waters edge, but I do not go into the water!

I had a wonderful weekend with my mom! I wish she didnt have to work!



Monday, October 18, 2010

tennis ball tuesday

This is just one of the bucket full of tennis balls I play with everyday! I'm super lucky to have a tennis ball magnet in my nose!



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Monday, October 11, 2010

Lost Dog in San Clemente, California-please repost and Help!

Apollo is a 2 year old Black Labrador Mix. He has a small patch of white on his chest and is around 55 lbs. He was wearing a black collar.
He was last seen on Saturday, Oct. 9th at approximately 2pm in the canyons around Talega Golf Course in San Clemente near La Plata and Hermosa. Apollo was recently rescued from the shelter where he was turned in by his owner.
He is up to date on shots. He is likely confused and scared out there on his own. We need your help! If you have seen or found Apollo, or are in the San Clemente area and are able to help us look for him, please contact us at 619-819-0234.

From labrador rescuers website

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I ran 13 miles with Mom today....

Mom got me up early today-something about "beating the heat" on her long run! I've been pretty lucky-mom was sick and at home on Thursday, so I got Jolly ball playtime!! That was very exciting.

Mom spent all day with me yesterday-she screamed at her tv. Then we went on a short night run. Mom had her headlamp on and I saw lots of eyes....

This morning we got up early, doesnt she know that I was getting my beauty sleep!! But I got up-I cant have mom leaving the house without me!!

We ran down to the "foggy place"...lots of fog horns were going off near the big load ships! Mom loved it-the fog left me with wet ears and a wet head!

we ran and ran and then the fog started to disappear and that horrible sun started coming up. Mom and I dont like sun. We prefer cool dark! When Mom and I reached the 10 mile mark we found a lovely Black labrador girl. She was on the sidewalk, without humans. Mom and I continued but the Lab Lady followed. So we had to stop our run and mom took me off leash and put the Lab lady on my leash since she was racing around and running into the street. Mom was knocking on doors at 8:30am trying to find her owner. Her stupid owner didn't know or didnt care that she was out-Mom should have taken her home!

We continued our run...we stopped in the shade so I could drink water. I have a great talent, I can drink out of mom's handheld water bottle. She takes it just for me!!! I love my mom!

We finished our run! 13 miles!!! That is the farthest I have ever run with mom. I've run 10-11 miles but never a half marathon!!!

I'm sorry mom hasnt let me come by to visit everyone. Her stupid job occupies so much of "my time" doesnt even turn her computer on during the week!

I hope all of my friends are great!!!